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Empty spools and cones
What do you do with your empty spool and cones? Years ago I saved up and once a year donated them to a small private school for the younger children to play with in the sandbox. That is not an opt...
8 years ago 9
Serger thread woe
It wasn't a finer moment in sewing, just a needed one. I was serging receiving blankets for NewBorns in Need. Miles and miles and miles. I noticed that the thread coming from the cones had thin s...
8 years ago 2
Ping: Sharon
Thank you,thank you, thank you!! I love the fiskar spring scissors. They work like a gem and my hand doesn't cramp up at all. Juno
8 years ago 2
On sewing boxes (or: Us girls must be stoopid, so rip us off!)
OK, I travel with my sewing stuff from home to sewing class and there was always something missing because it didn't fit in the tiny 1-litre box. So I went off after my last class and got me somethi...
8 years ago 9
Olympic pennants
I've started toi make some pennants that'll be used as gifts to athletes 2012 London. I wondered if others in the UK ( & around the world) had heard about this project? I specially like it because '...
8 years ago
Janome recalls Elna eXcellence 740 machine
8 years ago 2
Maybe good news?
In frustration with the local Singer service shop (you may remember, I took my perfectly working XL5000 in for routine 3-million-stitch cleaning and service, it was returned with several features n...
8 years ago 8
13th century falconer's costume male & female
I went to a very nice small craft fair yesterday and may have a new client for medieval costumes, therefore I am sounding you out on the finer points. The couple are falconers and have been inun...
8 years ago 22
Free Bra Making notions & findings
Hi, I'm lightening my sewing load and have decided to give away a bunch of stuff for bra making. This includes a lot of decorative straps & matching colored back fasteners cut from commercial bras (...
8 years ago
Another fit of BLING!
And a cage, and some chicken wire... -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Ch...
8 years ago 4
Volunteer Pattern Weight
Time to sew darts into the bra front lying on the leaf of the treadle. Remove cat, drop onto floor, examine pattern, go to sewing room to fetch chair. Remove cat, drop onto bed, un-pin pattern, carr...
8 years ago 8
liquid stitch drying time? Sewing options?
I have some 72" long red tulle fabric that had to have 1" pockets at each end of the 36" width. For the pockets, I was originally going to try just sewing them on a machine but I have to confess th...
8 years ago 8
TOT: Old Age Texting Codes
Old Age Texting Codes: ATD -at the doctor. BFF -best friend fell. BTW -bring the wheelchair. BYOT -bring your own teeth. FWIW -forgot where I was. GGPBL -gotta go, pacemaker battery low. GHA -got hea...
8 years ago 5
stabiliser for cotton jersey
Hello, I am hoping Beverly or one of you other machine embroidery experts will be able to tell me where to get some light backing for machine embroidery onto small cotton bodies/onsies. It's not me th...
8 years ago 10
Still fine
There were several tornadoes last night to the south of us. One has destroyed a little town in southern AR called Denning. There was another one just over the state line in Oklahoma, and a possibl...
8 years ago 8