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Still fine
There were several tornadoes last night to the south of us. One has destroyed a little town in southern AR called Denning. There was another one just over the state line in Oklahoma, and a possibl...
8 years ago 8
Well all the machine embroidery is done, I still have to iron and fold them. I just finished embroidering the last one. DSIL welded the wobble on my sturdy old ironing board, and I picked it up this...
8 years ago 19
OT: All fine here
Hey All, Well, we had some weather last night. I'm about an hour's drive south of Joplin, MO. We didn't have anything like what they had. We did have some rotating storms, but nothing touched do...
8 years ago 3
Source for eyelet?
Does anyone have a source for some 17 inch wide eyelet trim? I would prefer cotton but as I haven't been able to find any I would probably be happy to settle for a blend. It could probably be wider bu...
8 years ago 16
millium - coat lining
I was told the kind of lining to put into an old faux fur coat is millium. I don't seem to be able to find this anywhere. do you have any suggestions on where to find this type of lining? thanx, Kat ...
8 years ago 6
The Bling Fairies have been at work
You may need sun specs... -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons http://www.katedi...
8 years ago 9
Pajama pants? now I know
I've wondered for some time why folks were bothering to stitch pajama pants when they surely could be bought ready-made for just a few dollars. Wrong. Waiting for the computer to sift and sor...
8 years ago 3
More Pirate frock, and yards of lace!
More progress on the pirate outfit: -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons http://...
8 years ago 33
Singer Magic Steam Press CSP-1
Hi. I have this steam press but no instructions. Does anyone have a manual or can give me a quick rundown on how to operate it, please? Any tricks to using it? thanks for any help. -------------...
8 years ago 1
electric scissor
I've been having trouble with my right hand and find it difficult to use regular scissors on heavier fabric. I'm OK with light weight stuff. All of which brings me back to the age old discussion of ...
8 years ago 15
a Feather-Weight Singer?
a good machine? worth the prices they want now? -- Karma, What a concept!
8 years ago 5
Hello ladies!! I am so glad I stumbled upon this forum! I am hoping for some help. I am a novice sewer, and have started making tulle tutu's. However, it seems as though tulle is one of the hard...
8 years ago
Happy Mother's Day
I hope all your loved ones are sharing this day with you, whether in real-life or virtual! -- Beverly
8 years ago 4
News today
I am very grateful to the Special Ops guys who took down one of the most evil men in the history of the world. However, I wish my fellow Americans gathered outside the White House, in Times Square ...
8 years ago 8
Catherine's own!
Gets an eleven out of ten! Beautiful, elegant, lovely,perfect fit, I was so impressed by her choice. Modest, yet sexy, wonderful use of lace, not fussy, just the right amount of train, and stunnin...
8 years ago 11