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Period dress
Have we seen this before? -- Joanne stitches @
8 years ago 1
Source for Navy Blue Terry Cloth?
Hi everyone! I'm new--so glad I found this board! What a great resource. Been struggling trying to find terry cloth (preferably 9oz and not heavy weight) in navy blue. Found French Terry in Navy, b...
8 years ago 3
Still struggling with jacket fit
It's been an on and off battle to get my jacket pattern to fit right. The tissue pattern has so much tape on it I decided to buy tracing pellon that I can baste That means I have to trace out the ...
8 years ago 12
Ping: Polly
Did you finish up on serging your baby blankets? When I serge most things I "finish the seam by using the regular SM to zig-zag over the beginning/end of the serge stitch to lock it. That way I'm ...
8 years ago 4
Totally OT but good for bruised spirits
Hello all, this is something for those in the UK. Perhaps you know it already, but for me it was totally new. And if you don't - here's the link:
8 years ago
Summer dress
Designed my summer dress this morning: a shin-length T-shirt, crew neck, short sleeves. But I made major changes to my T-shirt sleeve; I'd better cut a toile from the scraps of Villa Olive before ...
8 years ago 6
Sewing Cabinet
I have a Singer Athena 2000 and I am trying to find a cabinet for it. Can I use any singer cabinet that I find? Was there a cradle for this model? Are there specific cabinet models with which I shou...
8 years ago 1
Happy Birthday Ron
Lets all give Ron a great big Happy Birthday wish. What would we do without him? Juno
8 years ago 8
<Ping> Juno
The Eaglet Has Landed! Are you watching? Eaglet is due for its first meal soon. This is almost at fun as sewing! -- Beverly http:/...
8 years ago 2
My Jacket, I hope to get done some day
After a long winter of stops and starts because DH was ill from Christmas until sometime in February and then I needed to have a bunch of medical tests done, I thought I would be able to get a start...
8 years ago 14
News from Japan
I don't know if we have anyone here who lives in Japan, if so my heart goes out to all of them, I have been watching the news for the last three hours, it is truly terrible. I hope all the folks ...
8 years ago 12
Resetting Timing Babylock BL3-408 Serger
Hello, all. I bought a Babylock serger on craigslist and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, I was rough on it and it jammed. I couldn't even get the fabric out to look at it. My upper looper broke so...
8 years ago 4
locked-up featherweight
Anyone know how to get thread out of bobbin case housing? ------------------------------------- Flying Fish ##-----------------------------------------------## Delivered via http://www.sewgirls...
8 years ago 3
Oscar 2011 Red Carpet hits and misses Discuss! ;-) -- Beverly
8 years ago 35
What happens when you have three insane costumers, a man with an air brush, and a LARP event?
This! The last installment is here: For those who want to re-read the whole saga, here are all the related posts on LJ: http://community.l...
8 years ago 18