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Pattern for newborn gown needed
I've been trying to find a pattern for a baby gown or kimono. I want to make a closed bottom gown for a little one who will be arriving next month here in Penfield. Of course I donated all my newbor...
9 years ago 10
Gillyflower embroidery
Mock crewel work stomacher, in progress... > -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Cho...
9 years ago 23
further on down the road
Well, the lining is in now. And all the panels thereof are the same length!! lol Whew! I left it to hang on the dummy last night. Later today, I will sneak in there and do the hem. ;) The patter...
9 years ago 6
Bernia 802 Newbie/SOS Foot won't drop low enough
Hi ladies. Need your expertise. I have my mom's old Bernia 802. Loved it in my Home Ec class 20 some odd years ago. But haven't used it since it has been in my possession. Had it "well checked" ...
9 years ago 6
Olwyn Mary
Olwyn MAry's obit - link gleaned from rec.crafts.textiles.yarn Lizzy
9 years ago 2
Very OT:
Today I'm doing Christmas things. I just finished making some cinnamon= applesauce ornaments. Next I have to dry some oranges, apples, and lemons and make some paper snowflakes.I do a tree for my ki...
9 years ago 3
some pics
I promise more and better when I can get it out of hiding and in the sun again. I will take detail pics as I redo the opening on the lining too.
9 years ago 5
Mark your calendar
Pattern sales coming next week at Joann's Vogue $3.99 Friday and Saturday 12/17-12/18 MCalls $1.99 Friday and Saturday 12/17-12/18 Butterick $1.99 Saturday-Friday 12/18-12/24 1 week sale Juno
9 years ago 5
Bernina 530-2
I am trying to locate the Knee Control Lever for a Bernina 530-2. I am not having any luck with Google. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thank You -- 12/5/2010 9:01:23 AM CST Just West Of ...
9 years ago 1
Need wise advice Singer 404 or 201K?
Need wise advice: I have an opportunity to get a well priced 201K in a cabinet ($50) with electric knee control (manuf in Great Britain and I think belt driven). It looks good but it was the grandmo...
9 years ago 5
Pockets Seems To Be The Theme This Year
After making several 'pet pockets' for people, I've also been making DVD pockets (or Christmas wraping) for some Santa DVDs we had made for the kids and grandkids. That means 18 DVD pockets. Almost ...
9 years ago
service for Olwyn Mary
I got another email from Karen. The service for Olwyn Mary will be next Tuesday, Dec. 7. Her children live in England, so they had to allow travel time. I also have an address for her husband. I...
9 years ago
sad, sad news
I'm so very sorry to have to report this to the group. Just heartbreaking. I got this from Karen Maslowski: "I just heard that Olwyn Mary passed away on Sunday. Her husband called one of my best ...
9 years ago 19
I've added a couple of pictures to my Sewing for fun page. It's the first four pictures. They are of the 3 future and budding sewists and one of me that snuck in.
9 years ago 13
Serger help needed
I'm trying to do a mock blanket stitch on my serger and not getting anywhere. When I test the edge pulls in so that it looks like I'm pulling on a draw string and when I take it off the machine and ...
9 years ago 5