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cotton lace yardage?
does anyone make/sell cotton lace yardage (for curtains) anymore? i keep finding polyester lace, which i don't want because poly makes me ill. nylon would do in a pinch, but i haven't found anything...
9 years ago 3
As much as we all enjoy critiquing the various Red Carpet events, I really thought you all would love this site: -- Beverly
9 years ago 6
The Smallest WRAF Uniform Skirt In The World!
Other than for a doll, that is... I am so glad I can sew... I have just altered a WRAF uniform skirt for a tiny air cadet... She's 14, and wears age 10 school trousers... So she was wandering abo...
9 years ago 11
Ping: Beverly
I hope to get one more quilt shipped to Wounded Warriors this year and was searching for a nice-looking and fast quilt pattern. Came across this precious apron and thought you might like to see it....
9 years ago 2
Pet Sleeping Pockets
Have you seen any of these in various catalogues? Well, they cost about $20 each. Looking at the pictures I thought .."I can do that", so I bought 1/2 yard of fake fur and 1/2 of velveteen for each p...
9 years ago 1
Sweet Aprons
This Was Fun! I made several aprons for DD's "dreaded decade mark" birthday. Each one is custom made and embellished with machine embroidery. A few of the designs I purchased, two I digitized. ...
9 years ago 7
Almost done!
All over bar the final Director's Cut of the pix Himself took of the wedding. At the last ends I ran out of time to do much in the way of taking pix. Too tired and too busy! This one went to the ...
9 years ago 10
Friend's SM abuse
A girlfriend and I went to lunch and she was telling me how she had been sewing and her 1950 Singer started doing all kinds of messy things and she asked if I would take a look. It is a beautiful S...
9 years ago 31
fabric choice
Please take a look and tell me what you think of this fabric for a six gore skirt. Should it be lined, underlined? Thanks, Juno
9 years ago 15
Mostly OT: weekend
We went to our middle daughter's this weekend to watch the three girls. Mom and Dad had a chance to go to a conference in Aruba and needed us to stay from Friday until Sunday. it turned out to be a ...
9 years ago 10
OT What happened to all the good reading?
I received the note from Ursula today, but no other messages on her for a couple days. The NE has been suffering froom rains, and too much water; CA has had all the heat. I thought it was too hot whe...
9 years ago
Just for a little treat after, or rather inbetween all the hardships, I went to a 'Dutch fabric market' in Dortmund today. DM is to go to hospital next week for something with her pancreas; they don't...
9 years ago 6
Advice to make this jacket?
I want to make this costume for the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 1 movie premiere. To those familiar with the series, I will be dressing up as Nymphadora Tonks. I want make this jacket as exact ...
9 years ago 3
Done and dusted!
Well, almost! One pin to sew on one wrap, the mother of the bride's outfit to put together, and a dress to make for me. Should be done by Friday! Meanwhile...
9 years ago 5
lengthening Butterick 5423
I have a jacket pattern that I'd like to lengthen - Butterick 5423 but I'm struggling! I can see how to lengthen the back but the front, with it's curve, is beyond me. I've tr...
9 years ago 8