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OT: Flu Shots
Got mine yesterday and hope everyone else here is getting one soon. There is a good supply of the vaccine this year and out now for use. The shots are available almost anywhere, drug stores, malls...
9 years ago 29
Interesting, weird, odd?
I am having some difficulty with newsgroup feeds, for some reason several recent messages (mine and others') have not downloaded here, even though I see them on the archive. I have ...
9 years ago 6
Ping Beverly, news
Yesterday, Beverly, I set up and turned on my XL-6000 for the first time, and at 6 P.M. attended the webinar during which we got through Page 9 in the workbook. I knew you would be excited to learn...
9 years ago 6
The last (?) dragonfly
I wasn't too happy with the design, there were lots of very long jump stitches in the wings left hanging, but he is here, bottom of the page: -- Beverly http:...
9 years ago 5
Vintage Lace for sale
I have many VINTAGE LACE items from my mother's collection. My mom, Marie, died in 1993 leaving many boxes of old lace stored in the basement. She was a porcelain doll maker and dressed her dolls wi...
9 years ago 2
pleat trick?
A dear neighbor has gone quite mad about her new embroidery machine. She's brought me a pattern for a size 2 little girl dress that would be perfect for her new skill. It is a very simple a-line...
9 years ago 4
Singer 306w
Just was given an older sewing machine. A Singer 306w. It was working fine until the bobbin ran out. Now I can't get the bobbin and the needle to connect. Seems like the needle isn't long enough. Ca...
9 years ago 2
endless bobbin
can you tell me if there is an endless bobbin feature on the SE-350 machine and if so, how does it work? If not... is there something you can buy to get that feature added to your machine.??? __( )_...
9 years ago 20
Hello from Juno
Dear Lisa, We are home for a couple of days and have to go to Amherst, Saturday, for the weekend. I plan on going to the Mall tomorrow or Friday, would you like to come with me. Please let me know...
9 years ago 9
Exercising Self Control *was* Bernina 830 vs Elna 500
Got to laugh! Was shopping on Ebay for a walking foot for the Bernina 930, when I spotted an auction for a sewing machine with less than 3 minutes remaining. The minimum bid I could make was $26.99...
9 years ago 16
OT Plum butter
I made a small batch of plum butter today. 2 pounds of plums chopped and 3/4 cup apple juice concentrate, cinnamon and some fresh ginger. Cooked it about 25 minutes then gave it a whirl with the s...
9 years ago 83
Dongle needed
------------------------------------- Just want to say... ****** ***** *************** * ** * ** * ** * * * * * * * ...
9 years ago 2
a very special dress
the story of a dress: .html#incart_hbx slideshow:
9 years ago 2
Bernina 830 vs Elna 500
Hello, I'd like some sewing machine advice. I was given a Elna 500 Electronic in the mid- 80s, and recently I inherited a Bernina 830 record electronic. Both machines seem to be the same vintage, ...
9 years ago 7
some pics to share
Hey All, Remember a while back when I was looking for directions on how to turn a t-shirt into a baby romper? Well, thought I'd better update on that one. The project went alright. Few glitche...
9 years ago 6