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Working with Chiffon
I'm ready to start on my next project: A summery sundress made with a cotton fabric with a chiffon overlay. Only problem is, I've never sewn with chiffon before, and it looks like it will be trick...
9 years ago 3
You've inspired me!
Hi Friends, Just wanted to say that reading your posts has inspired me to do a bit of quickie sewing myself this past week. I picked out a few charming coordinates in the decorator fabrics section...
9 years ago
pj pants pattern question
For years now I've made pj pants for my two DGDs in California and am now adding my two DGDs here in Western New York. I only have to trace patterns for the older girls since I rarely throw anythi...
9 years ago 2
Ping @ Kate (once again)
Hi Kate, you said you'd like to get rid of some stash; would you consider a fabric swap? I've got some meters of black and white herringbone wool and I'm pretty sure I won't use it. Would you lik...
9 years ago 1
Christmas Sewing scrap materials
Can anyone hwlp me out ? I am collecting dolls to redo for children that won't get Christmas presents,I am in need of scrap sewing materials to dress these dolls for children at Christmas time. Can...
9 years ago 1
Back to a bit of sewing
Hello all! I'm the guy who learned to sew a bit about three years ago, and during the time I was laid-off from work for a year and a half, taught myself to make shirts, and became fairly good at i...
9 years ago 16
Pattern Sale
TSWLTH is having a sale on McCalls at $1.99 each and Vogue $3.99 each limit 10, August 6-8. No coupon. I plan to stock up on several Vogues. NAYY -- Beverly
9 years ago 11
On steam generators
Hi all, as you may or may not remember, I am very happy with my steam generator. It does reduce the time I need for household ironing considerably and the results are just dandy. (OK, if the fabr...
9 years ago 9
Do you teach?
You won't need pictures for this one, you can easily imagine. A friend asked many times to be taught how to set in a sleeve. I wasn't hoping for much success but finally gave in and gave the les...
9 years ago 5
Textiles Direct SALE!
I don't know if anyone else here is on the mailing list for Mill Direct Textiles, a reseller for Malden Mills Polartec fleece, but I just received an e-mail alert for a sale: http://campaign.const...
9 years ago 1
Crotch seam
Has anyone come across a good site that explains how different shaped crotch seams work? I compared the crotch seam on a pair of favourite old pants against a Simplicity pattern I'm thinking of s...
9 years ago 19
Serger has gone goofy
I need my serger. I NEED it. It has decided to feed only in a curve - will Not feed straight anymore. Logically, methinks something is out of alignment. Wonder what? and what 'I' can do? S...
9 years ago 12
[OT] What I do when I'm not sewing
I have added some pictures to my website of some of the many birds I have had visit in my yard. I was actually totally surprised by the quail, I didn't know until I enlarged the picture that was...
9 years ago 12
Frock On Frantic Frockers!
What happened to all those frills on Sunday: -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Choc...
9 years ago 10
Frilling tales of frockery
The weekend involved stays, rufflers, frills, glue, scissors, paper, rulers, fabric, sewing machines that failed and those that worked, and lots of wine. The wine happened after most of the sewin...
9 years ago 45