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Today was a good sewing day
After the aggravation yesterday with the Towne Purse, I put in the bag and really did put it on the bottom of the pile. Today I mentioned to DH that I was in need of some summer skirts. He wanted ...
9 years ago 14
Glider Plane covers
I think I've mentioned this project before, but now it's done! A friend and neighbor asked me if I could do a sewing project for him. He said it would be like pillowcases! Yep, 27 foot long pil...
9 years ago 4
Hot weather frustration
I've been working a a Lazy Girl Town Purse this week and have had nothing but aggravation. I've made this purse 3 times and this 4th one is driving me crazy. it has to be the 99+ weather we been h...
9 years ago 5
Sure Fit Designs - anyone here use them?
I'm looking for feedback from anyone here who has had experience with the "Sure-Fit Designs" product kits. Are they as easy to use and are the resulting patterns as good a fit as advertised? TIA -...
9 years ago 3
Finished for Birthday
I just finished up another pair of shorts for my GD's birthday tomorrow! That will be 2 set of shorts and tops, plus a few purchased gifts. She has only been in the family 5 months and sewing for...
9 years ago 9
Guess what I found at the thrift store today?
A Bernina 801 (droolpantslobberpalpitate) with the free arm and case but no cord/foot pedal (which I will order on my way home from a job interview on Wednesday). I turned the wheel and it ran fr...
9 years ago 3
More weddings!
The white one this time/ Can't remember if I posted Part I, but here it is anyway, along with Part II!
9 years ago 9
blue wedding dress not wedding dress blues!!!
Hey All, It's finished. :) Wh...
9 years ago 19
I cut the wedding dress out! Finally it was cool enough before I ran out of energy! Should be cooler tomorrow and I can whizz most of it together. This one will be finished for the 10th and wor...
9 years ago 2
an unusual skirt
I think I'd rather make it than wear it... Kay
9 years ago 5
New sewing machine, opinions wanted
I'm looking for a new sewing machine. (my 15 yo Designer 1 is beginning to wear out, and the sewing machine guy says that the drivehead will eventually need to be replaced, although it will work fo...
9 years ago 8
Hungarian florals
FWIW: I am interested in this skill not because I expect to create garments, but because I wish to preserve old embroidery patterns of the Hungarians. And Slovaks, and Czechs. And that should say it...
9 years ago 19
Elna Supermatic
Been watching this machine in the local thrift store. It seems to be a lovely thing; judging by the lines of it I'd say late 1960s or early 70s, and in a beautiful blond oak cabinet in excellent ...
9 years ago 29
Group rules?
I see no FAQ pointer, so I must ask.... Since I see no pics posted here, is this then a non-binaries group? If one wishes to show a project in work, does one use tinypic or similar off-net site? If...
9 years ago 23
Janome 350e
Some time in the near future I shall have one of these on the bench for testing. Does anyone have one? If so, what is it like to use? I've never used an embroidery machine, so this will be a wh...
9 years ago 18