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Quick sort out.
9h00. Thinking about having a re shuffle in my sewing room. I need not to have the 3 machines on the bench not so close together so I have to re-home the ironing board and a ton of other stuff. ...
2 years ago 5
Re: Pfaff 130 value?
You could try listing it on eBay: But packing (a very specialized process) and shipping would probably be prohibitive. If I were in t...
2 years ago 2
What I am up to at the moment.
Well as we have been quiet here and this morning I am awake at stupid O'clock I thought I would check in. At the moment here where I am it's the official year of the cushion. I seem to be doing ...
2 years ago 5
OT: Happy Fathers Day
Hope that all families have a restful week end. My husband and I spent yesterday, and will spend today just resting, just thinking about our son who past away a little more than a year ago, and ...
2 years ago 2
When the wind gets at you - Turn it around and make Lemonade!!!!
So I have had a couple of disasters lately. The edge of my stall got caught in tremendous downpour 2 weeks ago and a lot of the dresses got really badly soaked. The problem was that 3 of them ba...
2 years ago 4
bernina record 530-1
how do i open the bottom of a bernina record 530-1 for oiling
2 years ago 1
My wife gas an old JANOME sewing machine. Cant find model number but
We have an old janome sewing machine. Have lost the manual. Cannot find the model number any where on the machine. There is a serial number on it: 731400039. How can i find the model number?
2 years ago 1
Simple projects
I've been working on some super simple projects lately. I finished the mach ine cover and now I'm working on new cloth napkins. We only use cloth ones, I prefer them. When I get feeling in a rut se...
2 years ago 5
Is it me?
Just read this on a FB sewing group "i think i want a new machine ... it cost 45 pounds to get it serviced... im not sure uts worth it" My gasp is well and truly flabbered and not just by the ...
2 years ago 3
Re: Is Euro Pro Sewing Mahchine a Good Sewing Machine ?
Europro is notorious for not having repair parts available. :-( That said, what sort of things do you sew, and what do you want a new machine to do for you? I'm mostly a garment maker, so when ...
2 years ago
Anyone Sewing anything unusual?
My sewing is just the usual mending or adding an applique. I also sometimes sew a very simple summer top for myself. What are you making? Barbara in SC
2 years ago 7
Re: Any info on New Home machines
Here's a copy of the manual for your machine, free, from Janome: Check p. 11 of the manual, 12 of the pdf......
2 years ago
Ping: Claire in France
How are your different sales booths doing? Are you still selling at the different local sales and special holidays? Hope all of them are doing good for you ! Barbara in SC USA
2 years ago 4
OT: Storms in SC
Monday, and again yesterday we had storms & tornadoes with uprooted trees, and roofs blown off houses here in the Greenville and surrounding areas of SC. There has been a LOT of damage in GA and...
2 years ago 3
Need a seamstress to sew small canvas bags
Hi, Looking for someone at home and wants to earn a little extra money with a heavy duty machine to sew small canvas bags. My last person retired. I'm in the cypress, Ca & Long Beach, Ca areas. Any...
2 years ago 3