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American Sewing Guild (ASG)?
Hello- it seems there is a neighborhood group of the ASG that meets a town or two anyone a member of the ASG? good organization to join??? thanks so much betsey
9 years ago 3
OT graduation
Hey All, Well, we all survived. :) And just so it's kind of on topic........ I did make my skirt. It was going to be a dr...
9 years ago 1
question? kwik sew 3610
I'm predominantly a quilter and maker of pj bottoms ....but my 16 year old asked me to make her kwik sew 3610
9 years ago 4
What a joy
I think I mentioned a while back that DGD is creating a special dress for her 8th grade promotion. We have been working together on it, and I have some pictures up:
9 years ago 9
Pictures of my silk jacket
I have added some construction pictures of the navy and cream silk jacket I made to wear to Nashville, Tennessee for DGD's Highland Dance Nationals competition last summer:
9 years ago 14
She's got mail!!! :)
I knew you would all want to see Anna opening her present from Beverly too. :) She was SO thrilled. Not only is the blanket gorgeous, it's very snuggly too. (I promise I won't steal it.....but it...
9 years ago 3
Help needed
I'm having a senior moment and can't think of the name of the material I would like. Before I go on holiday I thought I would make a few tops in some crease free/crease resistant material -- can ...
9 years ago 6
Shhhh! A surprise for Anna! ;-)
Here is my latest fun project, a graduation gift for a certain lovely young woman in Arkansas: -- Beverly
9 years ago 14
Gene Kranz's vests
From the April, 2010 Smithsonian. Gene Kranz, many years flight director at NASA, wore a vest, a new one for every mission, sewn by his wife, Marta. There were three mission control groups, red, w...
9 years ago 14
the guide to make a pattern from RTW ?
I recall some time ago (1-2 yrs) that someone had posted a link or info about making a pattern from RTW garment or maybe it was about grading ??? i can't remember. Does anyone have a link to a how ...
9 years ago 8
Dorky Details
Threads #149 June/July 2010 arrived a few days ago. Yesterday I glanced at "One Pant, Five Looks", dismissed all the "looks", garnered the depressing news that shank standards have been deprecated...
9 years ago 4
More items for the fund-raiser
I finished two potholders to match the denim apron, and a couple of hand towels: Scroll down to below the finished apron for the new items. Enjoy! -- ...
9 years ago 8
A Banner and a Unicorn
Last week, most of my sewing was repairs, but I finished the 1st Communion pew banner. It was a rainbow patchwork of small grosgrain ribbon squares. They were not fun to sew. I ended up decidin...
9 years ago
OT: Happy Mother's Day
I am sending all Moms and Grandmothers on our group, a very Happpy & Blessed Mother's Day, when ever you celebrate it. I know, in Mexico, it's celebrated annually on May 10th, but am not sure when ...
9 years ago 4
Ping Kate
Can you tell me whether your recent sewing machine reviews are online? Looks like my 22yo Toyota is on its last legs - motor is dying and I'm going to be in the market for a new machine. I'm trying...
9 years ago 2