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Here is what I've been up to
DD asked me if I would like to "contribute something" for the fund-raising project for DGD's dance group. They will have a silent auction, here is what I have produced so far:
9 years ago 15
Pfaff Tipmatic 6110 reviews
Hello good folks at alt sewing. An upcoming estate auction has a Pfaff Tipmatic 6110. The lady was a quilter, it seems. Is this a specialty machine ? Anything to look for - problems or we...
9 years ago 10
<Ping> Sharon
I have been reading and seeing news about the nasty tornados in Arkansas. It appears the path was a bit east of you, I hope all is well. Beverly
9 years ago 4
Tiny help needed!
I have a request for any doll dressers out there... I have been sent a request for Napoleonic and other uniform items for a 1/6th scale action figure. I'm looking for good sources of miniature r...
9 years ago 5
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9 years ago
Fish Leos Done - Show Pics
After being out of town for a few days for a wedding, I arrived home in time to finish the fish leotards. While out of town, we visited a marine science center, where I studied how fish fins work...
9 years ago 10
Brand new here! Pattern help, please?
Hi all! I've just started sewing and I've got about a million questions, and this looked like a good place to ask. My current sticking point is with a continuous lap. The pattern says to baste th...
9 years ago 12
Finished, paid for, amnd out the door! Phew! This was a long haul, but it felt like it was worth it in the end. What I did yesterday: (...
9 years ago 7
Fabric Source?
Does anyone have a source for the quilted silver-backed fabric used for pot holders &/or hot pads? I'm making several embroidered items for a fund-raising auction, and I'd like to include pot ho...
9 years ago 26
help with bathing suit
Hi guys, I know I have been gone for a while and I miss you all! But I have managed to start following along again. I need some help with a bathing suit. I am making a one piece and I just got t...
9 years ago 3
New photos
I've uploaded a few photos from Kate & my trip to the V&A museum - there is a "beautiful" pattern "match" just for Beverly ;-) Lizzy
9 years ago 3
Fish Leotards and Oops
I volunteered to make 11 leotards for my 5 yo's dance class. They are dancing fishes. I found great lycra, iridescent turquoise & silver in a fish scale pattern,
9 years ago 13
The Three Sewists of the Apocalyps convene this weekend!
Watch out for Furious Frocking, Stellar Stays, and Lots of Laughter - not to mention Cruising with the Cutters, Machining with the Masters, and Inter Continental Ballistic Cooking! FTL sewing is ...
9 years ago
I'm making a slacks-kameezish
Is there a name for suits like the salwar-kameez that applies even when the pants aren't salwar and the long shirt isn't a kameez? Joy Beeson -- joy beeson at comcast dot net http://roughsewing...
9 years ago 6
Can You Help Me Find This Dress?
Hello All I found a picture of a wonderful dress on the net, failed to bookmark the site and now would like to find it again. I'm hoping if I describe the dress it will jog someone's memory. Th...
9 years ago 6