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Can You Help Me Find This Dress?
Hello All I found a picture of a wonderful dress on the net, failed to bookmark the site and now would like to find it again. I'm hoping if I describe the dress it will jog someone's memory. Th...
9 years ago 6
Improved store
I went to my local Hancock Fabrics the other day, and discovered it empty, and a sign on the door reading "We have moved acros the street." Now, the old place was in a decidedly run-down strip...
9 years ago 23
prom dress
Working on the SENIOR prom dress. Finally found all the colors of chiffon we wanted. Did a muslin of the bodice yesterday. Working on rework of that today. Might cut into the "real" fabric t...
9 years ago 3
Hair canvas interfacing ?
Big surprise ... Local fabric retailer has no clue, the canvas is over there :( Is there a suitable or reasonable interfacing substitute for hair canvas ? eg. muslin, duck, poplin, canvas, denim, ...
9 years ago 19
OT: Earthquake ub CA and SW
I've been hearing from friends out in S CA that the earthquake today was worse than the one that hit Northridge in 1992 and certainly much worse than the one that hit the LA area when I was living i...
9 years ago 2
Easter Sunday
A very happy Easter to all on the list! Ceil from CT
9 years ago
I failed in applying a hidden zipper!
I'm making a cover of burgundy faux suede for a memory foam lumbar support pillow. It's for the owner of the shop which is doing my remodel (I learned that he has bad back pain). I snagged his l...
9 years ago 12
recycling again
Got some old clothes from my daughter , i am collecting certain colors ,, Jeans for me , green for a friend ,,,,, and soft silk likes for another friend. made a bunch of bags , that are well accept...
9 years ago
Making headway on sewing room
but there are always detours in a project. When Roger and I married 9 years ago and we had movers pack up my stuff and move it here, they threw stuff in boxes. I've gone thru a lot of them over th...
9 years ago 1
leather upholstery
Any one know whether lambskin is suitable for chair upholstery? (smooth leather not woolly)
9 years ago 3
OT kitchen re-model
this is why I haven't been here much lately Now I've started converting a basement room into a sewing room. Beats the heck out of the area I had below...
9 years ago 11
Australian Bird Designs
Hello, We have recently added an additional 50 bird designs. If you would like to visit Micnali-Designs and try out a free sample or type in your browser. H...
9 years ago
Fabric stores in New York City
Hi fellow stitchers, I know this question has been asked in the past but stores come and go so I'd like up-to-date info. I'm going to NYC the week after Easter and would like to browse/shop at som...
9 years ago 3
Sewing rooms
I'm a sticky beak and love looking at how others organise their craft/sewingrooms. Found this beaut site:
9 years ago 8
What a blast!
Just got back form DGD's, she is going to make Vogue 8571 for her June promotion-from-middle-school ceremony. However, she wants ...
9 years ago 26