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Hello All
Just wanted to pop in to say hi. I'm trying to learn to sew as a new hobby by making clothes for my wife. The mechanics of the hobby/craft suit my personality well - I dig blueprints and putting thi...
10 years ago 2
Sewing with Power Net?
I am planning on making younger DD more hospital scrubs. She asked me today if I could insert "one of those stretchy panels" like they are putting in the front of many RTW pants. I said, "Sure!"...
10 years ago 9
After the weekend: Shecycling
I shall have stuff to shedcycle. Pootery bits and printers, and maybe a VDU oir so. I'll post details when I get the stuff out of the loft after me busy weekend of sewing madly with friends (one...
10 years ago 10
Hi Our names are Niamh and Cordelia. We are sisters and we live just outside Melbourne, Australia. We are creating a tumblr picture site that features photos of people on prom night. This is open ...
10 years ago
Despite the serger having a hissy fit (I think it needed some TLC, so I cleaned and oiled it. I'll test it tomorrow), I got it all ripped, expanded, re-plested and re-stitched, AND I got the hem ...
10 years ago 5
Maybe I'll sew tomorrow
I haven't been near my sewing machine since the week before Christmas. I hurt my back a couple of days after the holiday and was in agony for more days than I can count. Finally went to the doctor...
10 years ago 19
Brother Opus 191 threading?
Hi, we just picked up a Brother Opus 191 after having given away my last new Singer. It did not come with a manual and it is not clear how to thread around the tension knob. Does anyone know how to...
10 years ago 1
Can't find it!!!
I recently saw a 'bag with pockets' that went inside your bag -- if that makes sense. The idea is that you put all your items -- mobile, purse. keys, notebook, etc,etc, into the pockets. Then you ...
10 years ago 10
Bernina 1008
Sitting on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, awaiting it's arrival by carrier... Prolly later this afternoon, really, as it was arranged at about 5pm yesterday and is coming from Manchester (...
10 years ago 4
For all of us who are textilephiles
My DD just sent me this link: Click on any of the links shown below the front-page examples, and prepare to sit back for a few hours to enjoy some pretty ...
10 years ago 7
Teaching Kids to Sew
Last weekend I finally let 3 of my kids start learning to operate a sewing machine. I put the 5 yo on an Elna special with a slow switch option on the pedal. The 8 yo used the Singer 301a and th...
10 years ago 8
Chasing away the doldrums
I've been making buttonhole samples. I'm going back in the NICE SUNNY sewing room to top up my smile factor and do some tidying away of machines. And to take pix of my samples. And possibly I'l...
10 years ago 1
There's plenty of exciting sewing to do. I can't seem to get on with it. I'm trying to get back into the groove by playing with some of the old gadgets and sorting through things like making but...
10 years ago 17
OT: Offline for a few days
I will be in Gretna, LA, a suburb of New Orleans, for the long weekend, attending our annual family get-together. Emily
10 years ago 5
Flower Foot
Just got myself a flower foot and short shank adjuster for my Bernina from Ebay. Happy dance, can't wait for it to turn up so I can play. Should be just the thing for my spring markets and flower f...
10 years ago