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matching outfits
and some may be On Topic for this forum I think I've got the link right this time
2 years ago 4
Who is making What?
haven't been sewing in a few weeks because of illness, but I wondered what others are making? It seems that most of my sewing has been altering my clothes because I am still losing some weight, b...
2 years ago 2
the critical sewing maching part
the throat plate. any other suggestions?
2 years ago 3
Creative Collars
different edgings etc. not sure if I like most of them but it's a start htt://
3 years ago 3
skirt progress report
not much. I looked through the stash such as it is... I moved furniture around. I will be able to get the sewing machine in a operable position without fixing the bookcase I think.
3 years ago 1
how to on vintage clothing
at The Dreamstress. no affiliation, I'm just a browser there. ObSew. I shrank a bunch stuff. And apropos the "write it to get it done" I plan to do some skirts for Passover (for ppl w...
3 years ago
ultralock sewing machine problem Singer HELP!!!
Hi, I want to know if somebody can help me. I don know what happened but sundely my ultralock stopped sewing. I open the front "door" and I can see that the needle is touching the expandor and I d...
3 years ago 5
Glorying in my fabric shop
Yesterday, I dropped into Lowery's Sewing & Vacuum Center to buy ten yards of baby elastic. There has always been a room of batting and bolts of cotton prints off to one side; now the table of fa...
3 years ago 2
At last: My serger is here!
Hello all, I thought you'd like to hear about my quest for a serger, after giving me so much advice. Last week, I went to the store and had a tryout with several, and finally ended up buying a B...
3 years ago 4
sewing more curtains
I started working on curtains again. This time for my Living Room. They will again be plain white muslin with a navy blue bias tape edge. I find they look the best with my decor. Simplicity is my wat...
3 years ago 4
Just Mending, Again
Seems like I always need to hem a pair of my pants and take them up some. That is GREAT because I continue to lose a pound or two! It keeps me busy, as if there isn't enough to do. We have a big...
3 years ago 8
First time making a cloak help please
I've done some sewing but never a cloak let alone one that reverses but tha t is what I'm doing now. It is for my husband birthday based off a simplici ty pattern but the fabric stretched after hang...
3 years ago 1
More fun and games with the embroidery machine
Two new projects added to the top of this page: -- Beverly
3 years ago 4
Totally OT: Carrie Fisher
I guess by now you all have heard it: Carrie Fisher is dead. I'm so shocked, I thought at first it was a hoax. She was so brave and ... I can't believe it and I'm so sad... As far as I am concerne...
3 years ago 1
My amazing family
My older DD and DGD found me a very special Christmas gift this year: A Singer class 128 from 1923. Like this, but in better shape:
3 years ago 4