Old Touch and Sew Flexi-stitch not working

I recently bought an old Singer Touch and sew 758 sewing machine from a thrift store. It sews straight stitches beautifully, but I can't get it to do any of the fashion or flexi-stitch stitches at all. I downloaded a version of the manual to double check everything. I have threaded the bobbin correctly, threaded the top thread correctly, all the settings are to the red line indicated for flex-stitch discs, width is set above 2 (required for these stitches) and the stitch control dial is set to the flexi-stitch setting (looks like a cam). I'm using the discs that came with this machine so I'm sure they're the right ones, but I checked online too and they're correct. I've attached some photos to demonstrate the issue. These were all done with the flexi-stitch disc for turkish seams. I used that one because I want the seam for finishing. I don't own a surger.
I've looked all over online for help and can't find anything. It's too expensive for me to bring it in for repair.
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