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We love our hummers. The feeder is right at my sewing room window and we have a straightened out vinyl-covered coat hanger beside it for a hummer rest spot. We've enjoyed watching all manner of courting. We've seen the male hummer bring a baby hummer to learn to perch and drink. Ahh. So precious. One year we had 2 females who chased off all the guys and enjoyed the feeder without parenting or macho displays. Ours are quite arrogant. Well. Maybe not arrogant but certainly demanding. If the feeder is getting low, they will come around the house to the kitchen window and stall, making their presence known and politely suggest that we need to get going with their dinner. Polly
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Polly Esther
Awesome and wonderful. Fascinating how bellicose those tiny birds are, isn't it? A friend had a special one who claimed her feeder. She called him Attila the Hum.
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I was amazed at how they all seemed to get along. Ours are very aggressive and fight for the feeder, only one at a time is allowed it seems. They also do the hey where's the food thing here. In the spring if I do not get it up in time they come and hang in front of the window. This spring I was not in that room so it came to my office windows. Smart little buggers they are.
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Ron Anderson

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