OT: Final got myself back on usenet

I Changed my ISP to cable and spent yesterday trying to set up email
addresses, notifying those I thought I should notify and trying to get
myself back here. I made a bunch of silly mistakes and couldn't get a
working news reader. Got that all worked out this morning and now I can
read and post through Motzarella. Since I saw it mentioned here a couple
of times, I figured I give it a try.
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It's good to "see" you. I have roadrunner and am now using aloe.org for a news reader these days but I've also heard good things about motzarella. I just heard about aloe first. And I am very happy with it so I am grateful to have them.
I was just thinking of you yesterday as I was using your directions for a serged on elastic waistband. I've been using your method more and more often and of course it's going a lot faster for me now. I did just put in an elastic casing in some maternity shorts for DD2 since I wanted to be able to adjust the waistband later if needed.
Thanks again for your help and your method. I have it printed out and posted near my sewing table...;)
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Judie in Penfield NY
Judie, I'm glad you were able to get your newsreader settled also. It's a pain to make the change sometimes but better in the long run. Glad you like the easy method of putting in an elastic waist band and are using it all the time. Again, I have to credit Sharon Hayes for sending it to me. Juno
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I can get my phone with long distance, cable internet and TV for $30.00 a month less than I'm paying now. Since I went to cable internet I figured I'd get a newsreader that was not connect in any way to my my internet provider. I feel I don't have to worry about about them dropping the service and Motzarella has a good reputation for screening out garbage I don't want. Juno
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