I just got a note from Emily in Houston, She's dry and safe for which I
know we are grateful, Now to hear from Sharon Hayes.
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Juno B
Here I am!! :) It's raining. They say rain till tomorrow. I Think we are on the side of the storm that won't have the really bad weather. Just more rain than we need. Once again, I'm thrilled to live a the top of a hill. ;)
We did take all the cushions off the patio furniture. DH and the kids stowed that all in the garage. The patio chairs are all stacked where they can't (hopefully) blow around. The hanging baskets of flowers are all down. And the hummingbirds are ticked royally because their feeders got taken down too.
So we did what we could to batten down the hatches. Now we will just wait and see what happens. We did some running around today (I got a new washing machine!! Whoo hoo!!!!!!) There was already some street flooding. Just the normal low patches where water will stand if we get a good rain.
Thanks for checking up on me!!
PS It's a Frigidaire front loader. So far, I'm in love with it. SO QUIET!!!!! (and the bottom doesn't leak like the 12 year old GE was starting to do. lol)
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Sharon Hays
Rain? Don't toalk to us Brits about rain.
They're not always wrong.
We haven't had a totally dry day in my part of the world since January.
Oh, I know it's nothing to write home about, and we're not REALLY suffering (except for slugs eating everything we try to grow) but we're all fed up of it and want you to know that daily rain isn't worth mentioning. It's now a permanent fact of life in England.
Unless it's coming at 100 mph!
Yes, so am I. But a daughter lives half way up a Welsh mountain and still suffers - from water rushing down and removing all the expensive stones they laid to fill in the ruts on their track AND washing away their precious topsoil (they're farmers) and stopping any idea of making hay for winter feed ...
I hope you and yours survived. Mostly we do ... Enjoy the machine. There's always some silver lining, they say. I'm beginning to think that Noel Coward was right when he said, "In front of every silver lining is cloud" Or words to that effect. Or it might have been someone else ...
Now to take in the damp tent canvas I put on the line, thinking wishfully. It's started to precipitate :-(
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Mary Fisher
I'm so glad you and yours are all Ok! We have lots of rain here, but I have never experienced the remains of a hurricane/tropical storm. And you can probably put the feeders back up now. ;-)
I have a now 12-year-old Whirlpool washer and dryer, bought to replace Whirlpools which we bought used in 1971. The originals were fantastic, these are too.
I bought all new SS Frigidaire appliances when I remodeled the kitchen and I'll NEVER buy another appliance from them. I loathed and hated the glass-top convection stove, the refrigerator has already had to be serviced and I don't like anything about the DW (which leaked all over the wood floors). They are just 4 years new, so I can't justify replacing all of them, but I finally did toss the stove (across the street to a neighbor), and replaced it with a Kitchenaide gas/electric which I love!
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