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Elna 614DE Manuals wanted
Hi all, My wife's friend gave a 10 year old Elna 614DE to her today, but she could not find the manuals, tools, or the accessories for this machine. Is there someone out there who would be able to...
11 years ago 6
Needle Threaders
Hi all, As I get older (sigh) my eyesight gets worse, and I really need a needle threader for my hand-sewing needles. Those aluminum ones about the size of a quarter are useless because the aluminum...
11 years ago 76
Singer 306 W
What is a 306 W worth? I do not have a power cord, but the machine is in very nice shape. I believe it is 1952 (I am not at the machine). I do have the foot pedal, but the cord is not attached....
11 years ago 8
<PING> All the sewists from OZ
I am very alarmed at all the news of the horrendous fires. How are you all doing? Beverly I've been trying to send out rain down their on a wing and a prayer, all day. Not worked yet, sorry to say......
11 years ago 17
Steam Iron
Hi, Any recommendations on a steam iron? My daughter doesn't like hers and I haven't bought one in a long time. All help appreciated. Thank you in advance. I like this one because the steam generator...
11 years ago 2
Patterns for sale
For your information: I received an ad this morning for 45 Butterick patterns for $3.00 plus S&H; a few nice costumes are included. Not affiliated with the company, just received their ads. Emily
11 years ago
How much to charge for swim suits & corsets
I have a client and they (two exotic dancers) design exotic wear / swimwear to sell to other dancers. I am charging them $25 per swimsuit/exoticwear (see pic). I feel this is a bargain becuase they...
11 years ago 17
Semi-Finished Project
So I am going to Anthrocon2009 this year. Its like a huge comic/ cartoon convention with its focus on animals. I have never been to something like this, but hey-all I need is an excuse to sew, and I...
11 years ago
Alan Dicey's Suit
I've been laid up in Hosp. with back surgery and may have missed it. Did Kate ever post pics? Cant find them on her site. I'm wondering if she sewed the jacket entirely by hand like bespoke tailors do...
11 years ago 2
Coat Repair
A while ago I asked for help in repairing a coat that had gotten damaged by getting too close to a propane heater. You can see the results in my "Other Projects" album in Webshots. I'm happy with it,...
11 years ago 5
Coat repair results
In "Other Projects" you can see the applique I made to cover an area on my favorite coat which got damaged when I got too close to a propane heater. Several of you offered tips a while back for doing...
11 years ago
ideas and advice for make believe box ?
I am trying to put together a better (i.e. updated gender ) make-believe box . we have a make-believe box from our no longer "Mr. rugratedness" which basically had lots of boyish things like...
11 years ago 21
question about over-dyeing garments ?
since we have 6 weeks more winter, i have a sweatshirt project i wanted to try (if possible). i have this heavy IZOD sweatshirt (a gift) that uses a sort of a french terry or similar fabric where it...
11 years ago 6
OK, so your friendly neighbourhood mad auntie is high on fabric sniffing, but tough! I just have to tease you with this one... I have a nice new customer, a lovely ++ size petite Italian grandma. She...
11 years ago 2
<PING> Kate
This seems to be the year for extraordinary winter weather. We (Pacific NW, USA) had 20" of ice and snow at Christmastime, Sharon has just been through an awful ice storm, and now the news is full of...
11 years ago 21