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old buttons to the rescue
I have this ankle long Jeans dress [ sorry bought it cheap ,, not home made] which is front Buttoned ,,,, everytime it looses a button i just pick a button from my `collection` , and sew it on ,,, it...
12 years ago 2
latest project done
Hey All, Thought you might like to see what I've been up to. This is for my DF's wedding. They are combining Hindu and Christian traditions to blend both of their beliefs. They came up with this...
12 years ago 14
between other jobs cut shirts
Between translating for my book, and working on my art and doing some [ needed ] house work , i ironed that crumbled Indian cotton piece [collor greenish gray] that has machinal embroidery in same...
12 years ago 4
some more useful sewing books
A friend cleaned her bokshelves and gave me Simple Clothes , and how to make them , by Kerstin Lokrantz, Penguin books, 1978. This will join my loved book [paper covered, Cuts of cloth , quick...
12 years ago
OT: Final got myself back on usenet
I Changed my ISP to cable and spent yesterday trying to set up email addresses, notifying those I thought I should notify and trying to get myself back here. I made a bunch of silly mistakes and...
12 years ago 5
Interfacing lycra?
I am making a shirt that is sheer lycra. I want to interface the body with a fusible without losing the stretch features. The shirt will be very blousing at all. Additionally, the color I...
12 years ago 8
help with drapped bodice dress modification
DW brought me a dress that she wants **altered/modified**. The pullover dress has a ... (hope i get this correct ) Drapped v-neck bodice with a gathered mock wrap that ends at the waist seam. The...
12 years ago 12
Would somebody be so kind as to explain what "understitching" is? I am using an easy pattern to make a little girl's sun dress and the definition they give for understitch is as follows: UNDERSTITCH:...
12 years ago 24
busted bobbin
Dear group Im amazed to see that there is a group such as this - but what a wonderful surprise! I was expecting "no matches found" response when I searched for a 319K bobbin case. I inherited my...
12 years ago 12
Need help with fabric choice
I'm trying to find fabrics to make nightgowns/pajamas but can't seem to locate the ones I want. Does anyone know internet search terms or better yet, where I could find Karen Neuberger or Carole...
12 years ago 1
Ping Joanne
Do you have a valid email address? I am not sure the one in your signature line works. Could I trouble you for a way to backchannel you somehow? The one in the sig works if you stop after us. ;-)
12 years ago 1
Any one saw the New skirts ?
Any one had a a glimpse of the New Autumn? new skirts trend ? mirjam Nope. (I'm kinda stuck in about 1987 myself) Cycjec ,,, 1987 ? That is rather Modern and contemporary !!!!, no trouble at all ,,,...
12 years ago 4
WOT: Great kids
Friday was my birthday. A big one. With a zero. And a large number before the zero. Beverly knows. I'm blazing a trail. I got a call from my older son, said he was on his lunch break but wanted to...
12 years ago 71
OT Message hiccups
We've been having problems with getting newsgroup messages for a while and after DH contacted our ISP is seems they were not aware of the problem until then, but the problem is up stream of our ISP so...
12 years ago
sad news
Hey All, Some of you may remember I used to live right outside Louisville, KY. There was a fabulous fabric store there in downtown called Baer Fabrics. Just got this last night from a dear friend who...
12 years ago 4