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I'm a Proud Grandma
Well of course I'm proud of both my DGC EVERY day, but this is a special day: DGD danced five dances at the Portland Highland Games today, placed first in three(Scottish Lilt, Highland Fling and Seann...
12 years ago 18
Friend, I'm always looking for good and intelligent individuals, such as yourself, to visit . It contains valuable information. Sincerely, Brandon Right, sure I'll get right on that.... NOT! Well at...
12 years ago 3
making the best of
I made myself a lovely `Indian Cotton` shirt. It is a soft cloth with some machinal embroidered flowers. I made a shirt for me , than one for a friend , and than i thought i might somehow squeeze a...
12 years ago 23
heaviest thread used reliably in home sewing machines ?
I am trying to find the heaviest thread people have experience using reliably in home sewing machines. the home machine will be either a pfaff 1475, singer T&S 600e , 401a or similar I am making some...
12 years ago 4
I'am looking for a pattern for booty shorts( i think they call then hot pants, not sure) They are underwear/shorts. You can email if you need more info. I can send a pic.
12 years ago
Pfaff Creative Vision vs Custom Designs
I've recently plonked down the money on a Creative Vision, but I'm all kinds of lost on what I need for creating my own designs. I'm something of a pro at Photoshop, do I just need Pfaff's Digitizer...
12 years ago 5
origins of patchwork (madras) fabric?
Have always wondered about the origin of the old original madras patchwork. Perhaps the producers of un-patchworked items in India looked at all the cutting scraps and thought they should not go to...
12 years ago 2
using curtain Cloth for summer skirts
I am sewing summer skirts , a lot of times from Curtain cloth , mirjam If you like it, why not? I used to remark bitterly of many of the clothes I wore as a child "it looks like curtain material."...
12 years ago 33
Fabric site
I was hunting around for something and found this page for quilt fabrics. The selection is huge and the price and shipping seem very fair to me. I don't quilt but love quilt fabrics for summer skirts,...
12 years ago 2
Fabric choice help please
Hi, I'm very much a beginner but I have successfully made McCall's 4258 - - in a couple of different fabrics - one cotton and one pattern says that it's suitable for lightweight fabrics. I would like...
12 years ago 3
Measuring elastic
Because I've lost weight my swimsuit leg openings are too large. The body is fine - it was too tight before :-) So I need to sew some elastic on the leg openings and I wondered if there was a formula...
12 years ago 2
seat cushion
I am making a very simple seat. A piece of plywood, with foam on top and then material to cover it and stapled to the back of the plywood. What do you do to the material so that the corners are nice...
12 years ago 6
Hemming problem
Hello all, I bought a pair of cheap $9.95 Chinese Dockers knock-offs to make into shorts for working on my car. I put them outseams-up on my gridded cutting mat carefully, bottoms parallel to the...
12 years ago 26
Question about serged rolled hem
Hi Everyone, Just got back from almost 3 weeks on Cape Cod and now have get down to work. While away, I found some very pretty cotton fabric with an all an over Hydrangea design. I want to use it make...
12 years ago 5
New pics posted
got together and made quilts for the entire family after theloss of our beloved DeAnna and the addition of are goofy boy, can be found in the set for Brady and family. I have only gottena pic of one...
12 years ago