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Thought Someone Here Might Know
I am new to this board, so first, hello! I am desperately searching for an online video that showed a woman "thread painting" a pansy. Has anyone here seen it? Any idea where or how I could find it...
12 years ago 11
alterations for bust
Please help!! I agreed to help with altering some vintage clothing to be worn for a play for my daughter. One of the dresses (not for my daughter) needs "one inch in the bustline taken in all around"....
12 years ago 3
UFO marathon!
I know I haven't been here in a long time. I am hoping to return soon (I miss you guys). We are moving back to Norway soon so I have begun a UFO marathon (Unfinished Objects). I have completed a...
12 years ago 6
Hello All, A needle Question
My daughter is doing her Mini 4-H project and it is asking for a "Arts & Crafts Needle #14" I have never heard of them. What are they? Are they similar to a darning needle? Thanks in advance. Edward...
12 years ago 4
[crossposted] Get you views heard!
I didn't see any place where I could tell them that I actually make wearable garments. Olwyn Mary in New Orleans ** Posted from ** Yes, there was a section on the type of sewing you do. I got the...
12 years ago 15
looking for e-book to sew curtains en swags
tia "Real Books" are good too.
12 years ago 1
OT Just a quick note
Seems something is a little screwed up with my newsgroup feed, I can post but I can't read :-( So, thanks for the nice comments on DS's stuff. The Kwik Sew pattern I used for the jacket is designed...
12 years ago
New stuff
I've just uploaded a few new pictures 'm quite pleased with DS's jacket and matching vest. Very nice, Melinda. And he looks so happy in them :) -Irene >>>I'm quite pleased with DS's jacket and...
12 years ago 3
cool new book
I just got this great new book for beginners or even people who have some sewing experience. It's called SewFastSewEasy Sew On. It comes with patterns that go with the projects in the book. The...
12 years ago 1
Hey Kate! Got something for Alan!
There's a new book out from O'Reilly on blending electronics and sewing: Fashioning Technology: Syuzi Pakhchyan Kay Fashion, as such, he an't interested in, but fabric technology might cause a...
12 years ago 1
[OT] Vinyl records
I have a huge collection of music form the 40s, 50s and early 60s on vinyl. I have looked for quite awhile for an economical method for transferring them to CD. I finally bought a USB turntable which...
12 years ago 49
Finished alteration(s)
My niece finally brought the two pair of (laundered) pants she wanted hemmed last week, and funnily enough one pair was NOT the pair she originally brought over (the ones which were IMHO a good length...
12 years ago 9
Bobbin (Lower Thread) tension for Singer Inspiration 4210 machine?
What is factory recomended lower thread tension for Singer Inspiration 4210 sewing machine? Taping the end of the thread to the edge of digital kitchen scale plate and pulling bobbin case verticaly...
12 years ago 4
12 years ago
tank top advice needed
I've been doing some sewing for grand-daughters who are between 2 and (almost) 10 and I've been having a problem with the top falling off the shoulders. I've been careful not to stretch the opening,...
12 years ago 6