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*RIP* Yves Saint Laurent - Aged 71
End of an era "Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level. It's cheaper." Quentin Crisp 1908 - 1999 _+_+_+_+_+_+__+_+_+_+_ Amen to that.
12 years ago 1
Microfiber sheets
Does anyone have any information on or actually have microfiber sheets? I've found a brand new set of sheets on ebay made out of this material and was wondering what the pros or cons would be. I have...
12 years ago 249
Fiber Arts & Animals Festival - June 14, 2008
Hello group, Our 4th annual festival is almost here. We have gathered another great group of exhibitors this year. There will be artists exhibiting weaving, sewing, felting and spinning just to name a...
12 years ago
coverstitch machines?
------------------------------------- Hello all, I am new to the world of sewing, but enjoying it, and finding it relatively relaxing. I own a basic Janome sewing machine that sews straight and zig...
12 years ago 4
Source for copper or antique brass rivets
I'm all googled out. Unable to find a source for copper rivets typically used to reinforce jeans at stress points. Usually set from back side with what looks like a nail. Thanks to anyone who has...
12 years ago 7
"Industrial Strength" Sewing Machines? - maybe not
That's actually a fairly good guide. There has been a lot of abuse of the term "Industrial Strength" sewing machine. Not sure what the writer considers my Singer 111W155, but I'd call it "better than...
12 years ago 19
Fabric background - photographic
I was going to recommend velvet, that's what my photographer husband used for a backdrop for portraits. The nap of velvet absorbs light well. He stapled a piece of black velvet to a large cardboard...
12 years ago 8
Completely OT poison sumac
Hey All, Does anyone know a good way to get rid of poison sumac? DH was weedeating at the bottom of the hill (I try to keep him fed, but.... LOL) Anyway. The weeds were hip high. He had on shorts. He...
12 years ago 31
Vectorial files and embroidery software?
Hi vectorialized mates :) Does anyone know an embroidery software that accepts vectorialized files like .ai or .eps? It's a mess to have a file in vectors, convert it in raster and then re-draw it...
12 years ago 8
looking for sewing services simple pattern work
looking for sewing services simple pattern work. If you can help please advise. In New York City? You can do a search here: "Find a Sewing Pro" on the right hand side, then scroll to the bottom of the...
12 years ago 1
"squiggly" threads - Help!
Hi, As you know, I'm new to sewing, and chalked this problem up to my inexperience, but now, I'm not so sure. I could use some expert help. Since a picture is work more than words, I've put photos up...
12 years ago 15
Waistband for satin skirt
I've made a couple of skirts, but this time I decided to do one in satin (the local fabric store had a good price on some polyester satin), and I'm running into a problem with the waistband. Normally,...
12 years ago 1
I have finally knuckled down to it and had a first attempt at those waistcoat bibs that I was searching for buttons for. I have decided to go with the hammer on press studs rather than the safety eyes...
12 years ago 12
Kenmore Model 120 & Greiss Zig-Zag Attachment
After a lot of research to find out what the Greiss attachment actually was (a lot of people said a buttonholer but it turned out to be a Zig-Zag), my wife posted this Model 120 for sale on Craigslist...
12 years ago 4
Heavy netting
Doas anyone have a UK source for heavy netting to use under a bridesmaid's dress? All the ones I've seen so far have been soft and not stiff. Many thanks Susan
12 years ago