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machine or attachment for narrow hemming
Hello All I wonder if someone could advise on which piece of kit to use to put very small hems on super lightweight cotton fabric, the type of hem you might see on a handkerchief. It doesn't matter if...
12 years ago 4
Shower Curtains
I am getting ready to re-do my bathroom and plan to throw out the glass shower's a PITA to keep clean and free of crud. I figure I can use a shower curtain and just replace the liner every...
12 years ago 9
I Make Patterns -- What's Your Craft?
I just finished (sorta) my new web site. I'd love to know what you think. I'm new here and I love sewing small dog clothes. I've just gotten into the pattern making aspect of in in the last 8 months....
12 years ago
has C&C changed their thread quality recently ?
I was in our local bankrupt fabric chain and saw that the enormous C&C thread display had been completely replaced by some newish C&C display, just as enormous, but now the spools are very different...
12 years ago 1
Voile as baby mobile shapes?
Hi All, I have a project in mind. We're getting ready to shift DD (now 2.3) into a new bedroom, and I've bought some really pretty printed voile (polyester I think) to make the equivalent of net...
12 years ago 9
Lingerie fabric for sale
Hello: My sister passed away recently and I have a significant quantity of lingerie fabric for sale, including some hardware and patterns. In the Southern California area. Marg
12 years ago
Safe and sound, exceedingly happy, incredibly exhausted, suffering from ear decompression (is that an actual condition? I have yet to pop my ears after landing) and a weird rash from using generic...
12 years ago 6
Any Illinois seamstress?
Looking for someone that might be able to make a pirate/cavalier type hat. Will pay $$. E-me if you want. Thanks. In article , Ye'll be needin' a milliner, haberdasher or costumer if ye want something...
12 years ago 4
bias binding on V neck
I want to put bias binding on a "v" neck top I'm making. Is it doable. I don't care if the "v" rounds out a little. It will give it a little softer look I think. Juno Have you seen Welmoed Sisson's...
12 years ago 2
STM sewing
Since some of the lurkers must be feeling intimidated by all the faster-than-light sewing that's been going on around here, I thought I'd post an account of my slower-than-molasses sewing....
12 years ago 52
PIng Mary Fisher
Will you email me your naked pics, please? I tried contacting you but it wasn't delivered. RedDog
12 years ago
What is this stuff called?
Looking for material(you've all seen it) but I don't know what it's called and local stores don't have it. I'm hoping it has a name or a mfr so I can google it and find a supplier. Following are...
12 years ago 7
sewing thread
i am using coats and clark for routine sewing--occasionaly the thread breaks as fuz accumulates on the needle ( using schmetz needles) i think the fuzz ultimately prevents the thread from moving and...
12 years ago 42
Ping Joy Beeson
Will you mail me, please? I tried contacting you but it wasn't delivered. Mary Message sent. My current e-mail address is in my sig; the invalid address in the headers is a response to losing my...
12 years ago 2
Anti-Ticket Donut
For use on officials only
12 years ago