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need help sewing
ok skills using my singer problem i have is say you are sewing a square and want to fold the edges over--no problem --problem is when i fold over the next edge the corner has 4 layers and is shick--is...
12 years ago 40
FA: PED-Basic embroidery software for Brother sewing machines
12 years ago
Where to buy Babylock?
My wife wants a "babylock" for mothers day and she just might get one. Is there a good store that anyone would recommend? I'm near Albany, Oregon, but I go to Portland several times a week. Oh, and...
12 years ago 7
Home & Garden Books- Homestyle Book Club
Home & Garden Books- Homestyle Book Club Join our book club & get 5 books for $2 each, plus a free gift. Enjoy a wide variety of home decorating books including Garden Furniture and Outdoor Projects....
12 years ago
A jacket in planning
I've got an idea for a jacket, casual, that I want to make and need some suggestions. I have the pattern for a (polar) fleece jacket/vest, I've already made a vest now it's time for the jacket. The...
12 years ago 5
I see you
I can finally see you! Thanks for the help. Barbara in SC
12 years ago
Red Fusible Interfacing?
An acquaintance told me she has used red fusible interfacing to line a sheer blouse. Anyone know where I can get some? She did not remember the site name. Cheryl Try this:
12 years ago 1
Just checking
I'm not getting any new post to this group, so I', checking. Happy sewing. Barbara in SC There were 13 messages this evening, and I'd read a few early this morning; yours was #12 tonight. Most were...
12 years ago 1
Searching for a Pattern
I am searching for a McCall's Pattern 8053: 8 Great Looks One Easy Pattern. Size XXL (24-26). This is my favorite pattern. Iam hoping someone will be able to help me. Thanks in advance, Rosemary Try...
12 years ago 1
Fabric storage
Help! The only place I have to store my fabrics is in a room that does have some openings to the outside. Big enough for bugs to get through. I wouldn't have too much of a problem if it were just...
12 years ago 3
Creases in Sheet Hems Dilemma
Before I returned to the practice of line-drying my bedding, some of my sheets developed deep creases--- pleats actually--- in the hems. I can wet-press them after washing but the creases are so "set"...
12 years ago 31
Needle wear
Just read an advertisement for a "spiral eye" needle; one of the harped-on points was that the needle wasn't plated, so you could sharpen it with an emery board. Three things raised my eyebrows. (1)...
12 years ago 4
Ready to go
Does anyone else tweak the purse they take traveling? I have added several pockets, a strip of elastic with 1/2"-1" channels to hold pens, gum, nail file, etc. and a couple of those handy dog-clips to...
12 years ago 4
heavy gaberdine
I have some heavy gaberdine in dark blue and wanted to make trousers/slacks for myself. But I feel it may be too heavy a material. Any advice? Thank you Katherine Use what you have for a coat (or let...
12 years ago 8
Mending clothes by hand
How hard is it to learn how to sew by hand? I want to mend some of my work clothes without bying a sewing machine. Not hard. If it's a broken seam, you'll want to know how to do backstitch, which is...
12 years ago 66