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Ice man
If the sign was up he delivered but if you forgot to put the sign out and saw him coming down the street you "hollered" at him. A lady on our block had a parrot who sat in a cage on her front porch...
12 years ago 1
Picture of the Nationals outfit
I added it to the album of making the skirt, it's the last one, you can click the thumbnail to see her in full regalia: no she does not usually wear makeup, but does for the "stage". ;-) Beverly On...
12 years ago 12
[OT] Neat thingamabob
I'm sitting here in my west-facing computer room, and really enjoying a little trinket I picked up at the Smithsonian last summer. The Smithsonian site is broken at the moment. It's like this: I'm...
12 years ago 6
Janome New Home Combi 10 Overlocker/Serger
I was cleaning up my old sewing machine today having not used it for a while and discovered something odd about the overlocker. It's a while since I used it for overlocking and I had some difficulty...
12 years ago 1
embroidery machine tension
Hi- This may be a really simple fix/question but I don't know much about sewing machine repairs/maintenance. I don't trust the place I bought my machine as I feel they'll say anything to get me to pay...
12 years ago 2
Highland dance results
DGD danced four dances, and she was awarded a first and three second places. I could not possibly be more thrilled. She looked darling in the new Nationals vest and skirt. I noticed that the blue vest...
12 years ago 19
Vest is DONE!
I'm leaving right now to deliver it to DGD, she has another competition tomorrow. I decided to make eyelets using the embroidery machine. (Ok Kate, I have *serious* eyelet envy ATM). I created a...
12 years ago 16
Where is everyone
Hi I want to know where everyone is posting there questions, I miss reading the info. Sandra Avoiding all the trash posts I guess. AK miss reading the here are my ideas... It is spring break week in...
12 years ago 53
Yamata GC8500 threading?
I just purchased a Yamata GC8500 machine and I want to make sure I have it threaded correctly before starting any adjustments. Does any one have a diagram they can send me?...
12 years ago 1
Waterproof liner or fabric?
------------------------------------- Erin I am trying to make a sleeping mat for my son who is potty training. I am racking my brain trying to think of what I could use that's waterproof as a liner...
12 years ago 6
Going West
We suddenly decided "No time like the present", so we are off to Sacramento to see the grandbabies next week. It was a combination of things. First, I realised it is going to be a LOOOONG time before...
12 years ago 6
why do pinking sheers work ?
I do not understand why pinking sheers seem to work at lessening fraying ? Seems like they should make fraying worst but that is not the case in my limited experimental evidence robb The reason they...
12 years ago 11
Fiber Arts & Animals Festival - June 14, 2008
Hello, We are putting together our 4th annual Fiber Arts & Animals Festival, June 14, 2008. Our website is We arelooking for artists who are passionate about their fiber craft andarelooking to exhibit...
12 years ago
Singer 337 Rescued from trash
Last night I found a sewing machine out on the curb, along with a bunch of other stuff for the trash pickup. I'm wondering if it's worth fixing it up, or whether I should return it to the curb. It's a...
12 years ago 17
Avoid Damage in Your Skin: How to Take the Sun without problems?
Fantastic tips
12 years ago