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Silk Flowers
Artificial Plants and Silk Flowers Artificial plants, silk greenery, floor plants and hanging baskets for home or office. Large selection. Volume discounts
12 years ago
Husqvarna Emerald series - can it handle rugged material?
Hello, We are planning on picking up a sewing machine for the home. We would like to use it for basic sewing (modifying clothes, making pillow cases, etc). However, we would also like to use it to...
12 years ago 5
Home Decorating
Home Decorating Save 40-80% on quality furniture, home d??cor, and more. Only $2.95 shipping. Clearance prices on fabulous home d??cor and furnishings, low shipping, and huge selection -
12 years ago
OT: raising my cup of twinings black currant to our neighbors across the pond ?
thinking about our neighbors across the pond while sipping my cup of Twinings Black Currant, after the trouble of making it properly that is .. water just to boil (200 F), pre-heat cup with a hot...
12 years ago 3
Still alive, despite some major family issues
Just checking in with the group. I can't remember when I last posted, but I'm here for a brief bit. The family went through 12 weeks of various illnesses, but I think that we are finally out of all of...
12 years ago 3
OT: Recommendations for good news readers
I know we've been over this a million times but please some recommendations for good news readers. For some reason my killfile on Thunderbird has stopped working and I'd like to get a good news reader...
12 years ago 6
need support
hello, is it normal to be quite bad at this at the beginning? or should i just give up... ------------------------------------- ##-----------------------------------------------## Delivered via...
12 years ago 4
Fiber Arts & Animals Festival - June 14, 2008
Hello, We are putting together our 4th annual Fiber Arts & Animals Festival, June 14, 2008. Our website is We arelooking for artists who are passionate about their fiber craft and arelooking to...
12 years ago
Is that the soft hum of sewing machines I'm hearing?
Because it's sure quiet around "here". ;-) My latest project is the green velvet vest for DGD, like: finished sewing the lining in yesterday: graded and clipped all the seams, pulled the fronts...
12 years ago 16
Two Questions about Bodysuits
What is the proper way to measure the torso length for a full form fitting body suit? I was going to have the person sit in a hard chair and measure up the from the chair seat to the nape of the neck....
12 years ago 7
Problems with a steam iron
I recently bought a brand new Black & Decker Steam Advantage iron (model F2200). This is one with a "Ceramic Glide" soleplate. I've owned it less than a week and I am already having problems with it....
12 years ago 9
Sewing bathing suits
Hi everyone, I'm new to this so bare with me. I'm trying to make bathing suits but have no idea where to begin. I've done endless research on bathing suit construction but can't seem to find anything....
12 years ago 3
thread problem?
Good day to all. So today, I decided would be the first day on trying to figure out my spouses new sewing machine. A babylock dc. I purchased a spool of red thread from the local target(I know, I...
12 years ago 10
fabric choices
i have a wedding to attend in late April. since the mother of the bride insists no, i can't weat jeans i need to make something suitably glam. i have Vogue 1290 (from 1999) that i think will work. 'm...
12 years ago 2
OT but curious about 'Web Portals'
The other day I asked a question about what is wrong with posting to the list by way of 'web portals' (not that I had even heard the term till it was used here). I didn't get an answer but I would...
12 years ago 27