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Fix zipper?
I have a garment with a heavy duty separating zipper. Apparently the zipper stop came off, and when I zipped up the zipper, the slide body came off the end. I've been tryin to thread the body back on...
12 years ago 3
Serging elastic
What stitch would you guys recommend for serging elastic for crib sheets? The last time I tried serging elastic for leotards (on a White) the thread just kept bunching up. I got a new Evolve and think...
12 years ago 1
Looking for a safety eye
HI I am looking for a 7mm black safety eye without a pupil in other words completely plain black. can you help at all you I think I found a supplier at this web site but any other ideas are in advance...
12 years ago 18
Brothers LS21251
Anyone have any experience with this machine, good or bad? Sometime the model is show simply as LS2125. Thanks, Ray It looks like it's a "big box store" model. If so, stay away from it. gwh Would you...
12 years ago 7
Hemming pants?
I'm going to be hemming some new pants which are made of Dupioni silk. (These are to be worn when I show my horse in showmanship/ halter classes) I want the pants to hang well and not ride up. The...
12 years ago 19
Kwik Sew?
Hey all, I've stuck with mostly patterns from the Big 4, but I was browsing around on Kwik Sew's site and saw some patterns I kinda liked. How are they to sew? What other smaller pattern co.s have fun...
12 years ago 9
done, now time for ME!
Well, the communion dress went out the door last night. Used lace from mother's wedding dress as an over-skirt, dress was sleeveless with a cowl neckline, and we added an iridescent white ribbon so...
12 years ago 1
Edgestitching at 1/16"
Many times I gauge my edgestitching at 1/8" using the narrow toe of a presser foot, but now I want to go to 1/16" for a big project. I see "compensating" edgestitch feet for industrial machines, but...
12 years ago 6
washing lace
I've never used lace before in sewing. I need to add lace to a few of my V neck blouses. Are all laces washable? Is there anything I need to watch for? I wear these blouses almost every week so they...
12 years ago 5
Invisible mending
We're going on a cruise in the summer and Spouse will need his dinner suit. The moths have also felt the need for it and have left several small holes in the jacket and the white lining shows through....
12 years ago 24
Anyone doing alterations in Seattle?
Hi folks-- On a SIG I moderate, someone based in Seattle is looking for someone to do alterations. She mentions Northgate. Happy to sit at the switchboard and provide connections... --Karen D.
12 years ago
Old Bernina sewing machine?
Greetings everyone! I'm completely new here, so if this should go somewhere else, my apologies. I have an old Bernina sewing machine that is in extremely good condition, especially considering it...
12 years ago 2
Vintage sewing site
This site - - contains sewing instructions from the early 1900s to the 1950s. You can click on the links and read detailed instructions for various sewing projects. I found it interesting that the...
12 years ago 1
***Ping *** Sharon
Sharon, I've seen such awful pictures of the flooding in your part of the world, and then tonight there was news of a big chemical plant fire in AR. Check in and let us know you're Ok, please? Beverly...
12 years ago 2
Excellent Sewing Machine
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12 years ago 1