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OT:News group help
I recently put a new hard drive in my pc and now everything is screwy on my news group. I use outlook express, and when I get the news group It lists them from oldest to newest messages and before it...
17 years ago 2
Scissors versus Pinking Shears ?
One thing I've noticed -- both here and over the years in other contexts -- is that Serious Sewers usually do not refer to their scissors as scissors. They tend to call them shears. I can get with...
17 years ago 8
Apple Valley Dolls
Would like to exchange sewing tips for custom-made AVD dresses. Anyone out there who collects these dolls or sells the finished product?
17 years ago
Yet another fitting question
Would it be okay to take about 1/4" out of the front bodice, right in the middle of the pattern? Or would it be better to do a couple 1/8" darts on the sides of the neck? I think, if I could do that,...
17 years ago 2
Sewing shows on TV
I'd be interested in hearing opinions about which of the many sewing shows on TV are worth watching. I've seen some that (to me) are filled with good information. I've also seen some (by people with...
17 years ago 7
What is Click & Sew?
Is it Software? From reading the posts here it certainly seems like it is. If so, where can I get it? In article , "Admiralla" writes: Yes, it's software. You can check it out at Karen C./KY Yes, and...
17 years ago 24
Fitting success
Hi girls Sorry if this posts twice - I sent it but it's not in my sent box, nor in my outbox. Having serious probs with the Wanadoo server today, don't know if that's it. Anyway, it was just a whoop...
17 years ago 4
kung fu uniform
Hi All, I am a long time lurker here and have appreciated all the great information. I haven't contributed because there is such a wealth of experience here I don't really know anything more to add....
17 years ago 5
Update - getting the crease out of silk
I just wanted to thank those that gave me suggestions last week on how to get the crease out of my silk bridesmaid dress. I used a combination of all the suggestions....I used a presscloth that I had...
17 years ago 1
Industrial Sewing Machine - help
I just bought an old industrial sewing machine (Singer 47W66) with the hope of fixing it and learning to sew basic items. I found some information at the Singer site but it seems to be written for...
17 years ago 6
interesting day
Since DS is attending Vacation Bible School this week, I thought I would have 3 hours to get things done around here...nope! Turtns out that because he is only 3, I was suppsoed to be working at the...
17 years ago 3
Treads magazine
I'm thinking about subscribing to Threads Magazine. My question is, Is it worth the cost. Is it a good magazine. I could always use good sewing tips and sharpen my sewing skills. > I'm thinking about...
17 years ago 15
value of industrial coverstich machine
hello. My mother wants to sell her Union Special 57800 cover machine but has no idea what it is worth. It uses three needles if that means anything (has alot of knobs on it too :-) ). Sorry, I really...
17 years ago
EuroPro Steam Press
I hope someone can help. I have the above mentioned press and it needs servicing. I will need to ship it, but am wondering who works on these things? It's no longer under warranty and Euro Pro has not...
17 years ago
anyone know where i can find patterns for bustles?
i am not looking for the overly complicated bustles rather themore simplified ones, using the fabric rather than boning for the extra bulk. ta lily Framed bussles are lighter! Try some of the historic...
17 years ago 1