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patternmaking 201
A pair of really nice posts from Kathleen Fasanella: ! I have been thinking about trying to draft a pattern with diagonal tucks on the bodice front. That site provides real inspiration. Thanks!
8 years ago 1
New reader, please forgive if slightly OT
I've just spent entirely too much time searching the web this morning, trying to find a semi-sewing project. I also scanned the nearly 3,000 articles my newsreader brought up for this group, but...
8 years ago 2
In the spring school holidays, I made my daughter a sundress. The classic one with a gathered/smocked top. This was very easy as we found fabric that came with one end already smocked/gathered (the...
8 years ago 1
The skirt
After much dithering I finally got the skirt cut and sewn for DD. It's hanging now and I'll hem it tomorrow. I had hoped to get it finished when she was here last weekend, but we were so busy parting...
8 years ago 16
Grandpuppie's "slip cover" ;-)
Quick project for my younger DD. She inherited a lovely old wood hope chest from my mother-in-law. The chest has special meaning to us, as it was the first gift my father-in-law gave to DMIL when they...
8 years ago 8
Another emboidered logo apron
That looks really wonderful! I am so sure Susan's friend will be delighted with it!!! How are things in Pleat-ville??? Sharon That looks great, Beverly. I was thinking this morning about making my new...
8 years ago 11
Older Magazines
Hello, I'm new here. I'd like to see if anyone has the Quiltmaker mag Sept/Oct 2008. I am looking for the paper pieced pumpkin and corn hot pads. Please contact me if you have the magazine...
8 years ago 8
new project in the chute
Working on a t-shirt quilt for my next door neighbor. A couple of them actually. The first one will be to drape over the back of a bench in his living room. The second will be for his bed. His wife...
8 years ago 16
OT: Great weekend
We spent the weekend with family,celebrating Bill's sister and brother-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday and carried the festivities over to another family gathering on Sunday. All our...
8 years ago 7
Burda Magazines and Patterns - looking for 2009, 2008, 2007
8 years ago
need help with Viking Lily 555
Here I am in the middle of this elaborate caftan and machine won't work. It's been balking when I use the FIX function - hard to restart motor again. that's what it's doing now--but I...
8 years ago 3
Back to bra making, lol!
Hi Everyone, Such a long time since I've visited. I see you're all going strong on those millions of projects! My last post was in May, giving away most of my bra sewing supplies since we were moving....
8 years ago 2
Ping : Beverly the fabric design match pro and any one else
My OCD occasionally takes a vacation... Is there any way I can match the the fabric design on this A line skirt:> this fabric: repeat is 3 inches horizontal and 4 inches vertical. Or should I go for a...
8 years ago 6
Free pattern downloads
Here's a couple more free patterns in 2 size ranges. left side bar also contains her links to good information, especially if you are not a super experienced sewistJuno Thanks! I checked out the tute...
8 years ago 1
OT: I just have to brag a bit
My youngest daughter Jac, just found out that she has complete her certification program in Sp Ed with a 4.0. All that left now is for her wait for her dual certification certificate in Sp Ed grades...
8 years ago 10