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Sewing Question: Where can I find these?
I'd like to have a couple of these to use in my bedroom. Any suggestions?
9 years ago
convert standard crotch pattern to gusseted crotch ?
Hello, Looking for a link / resource / instructions for converting (modifying) a sewing pattern with a standard curved crotch construction to a gusseted crotch ? I have found online instructions for...
9 years ago 5
Jacket is done!!!!
And just in time. :) Didn't think I would ever get it done. Was just about ready to rip the phone out of the wall. (everyone calls when you're on deadline right??? lol) here you go: took a TON of...
9 years ago 30
Another Pattern Sale at Hancock
I went in yesterday (the last day of the Butterick, McCalls, Vogue sale) and , yes, I bought some more....but really went in for some fabric. Then I heard that there will be a Simplicity Pattern Sale...
9 years ago 5
some pics
A little this, a little that, and some other too. :) Some of these you may have seen before. I couldn't remember what I had posted and what I hadn't. So you get a hodge podge. There will be more...
9 years ago 9
Anyone making anything?
I'm still working on making some clothes for Fall and Winter (temps finally dropped into the 60's this week, but the highs will be back up to nearly 80 again by Friday, they say). Received the latest...
9 years ago 33
The most famous clothing designer I had never heard of before
I'm tackling the new book which just arrived: gown on the cover was created by Charles James: the ____ did I get to the advanced age of 71 without ever knowing about this designer??? The pictures in...
9 years ago 1
Oh Dear!
is having a "garage sale". I may just HAVE TO HAVE: Xmas gift for my budding sewist DGD. ;-D It is cute. If I didn't already have a full sewing room, I would want it. --Betsy I ordered one, if I...
9 years ago 9
sewing my wedding dress
I am sewing a vogue pattern for my wedding dress, and wanted to add a lace overlay. Does anyone have ideas about whether it's necessary to tuck the lace into all the pleats in the skirt? What about...
9 years ago 8
More books
I recently placed an order for DGD's Xmas gift at an online shop, and since I qualified for free shipping I added a couple of presents for me: , gorgeous, astonishing... all of the above! I have the...
9 years ago 2
OT, or OT
Off-topic, or on-topic? You be the judge. 's the topic??? ;-> I suspect that thing doesn't actually sew....
9 years ago 1
FROCK! Frockfrockfrockfrockfrock! Fabulosso frockery all weekend! Pics soon. C'mon now Kate! Don't DO that to us. Pictures. Please. Polly Yes, WE WANT PICS! WE WANT PICS! ;-) U. - owing you all a...
9 years ago 6
Happy Halloween
HAPPY HALLOWEEN And may there be many more treats than tricks. We have our treats ready for the youngsters who come calling, and good Halloween screams and hollers from a tape for all to hear as they...
9 years ago 2
fabric care question
I bought the silk suiting fabric that I spoke of in an earlier looks like this only a different color, they no longer have that color in stock. It's on the light weight side, feels like it has some...
9 years ago 14
My best day in weeks if not months (and not OT!)
I have to tell you all about Wednesday. I know, it's boring for others, but I just have to tell. The day started good with DD being up rather early and willing to get into her clothes and go to...
9 years ago 5