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Craft Question (Cows)
I'm trying to find a reproduction of the ad from 90's magazines that showed a cow kissing another cow. This was for a dairy product, I think, and was all over print magazines (because online magazines...
10 years ago 12
More on the Victorian gown and coat
The next installment: >
10 years ago
tutu tulle troubles ?
I am using *Butterick 6660* and am having trouble with the tutu/skirt directions of all things :} I am having trouble understanding the layout/cutting and the piecing ? I am trying to make *skirt H*...
10 years ago 17
Pfaff 1222 tension
i have an old pfaff 1222 machine i have been using for years... i was making an embroidry patch for my daughter's jeans, and now the tension seems to be off. at least, the upper thread is breaking on...
10 years ago 3
Sewing BLING on military stile jacket. Actually, this is a mock jacket in every sense! Mock fabric: 70% wool, 30% viscose Melton from Aberkhan (and very nice it is too, but it isn't Hainworths. Mind...
10 years ago 3
It came! ;-)
The dress-form pin cushion I ordered for DGD a few minutes ago. It's PERFECT, looks exactly like the illustration. I am going to order some glass-headed pins to get her started. ;-) NAYY, > came a few...
10 years ago 4
Easy threading needles
Is there a particular brand of needles that are easier to thread for someone with impaired vision? Can you recommend a maker? Thanks Yes! If you look among the hand sewing needles ( and ask a...
10 years ago 9
can tulle be subbed with ?
other fabrics {organza,, net, chiffon, etc.} and is there a better substitution ? to be used for a knee length tutu for 3 yr old . thanks for any helpful advice robb Tulle is probably best, why do you...
10 years ago 7
Thought on Stores
I went to the new Hobby Lobby we now have. I was looking for inexpensive fabric to make bags to wrap odd shape gifts. I didn't take a lot of time checking out the store. I had a lot to do and was in a...
10 years ago 6
forgot to show you guys
Posted this to another list. Forgot to show you guys. I was working on my skirt for Thanksgiving. Nice wool/rayon blend suiting. Did a trumpet skirt out of it. Very comfy. Looks wonderful with my...
10 years ago 1
Dressmaker s-3000--manual needed
anyone have one or maybe one for dressmaker machine?--i need to know about bobbin winding, insertion and threading the needle ( from front or back?) HTH:
10 years ago 1
Rare Sale?
I get the Atlanta Thread e-mail newsletter. Just received one with a "15% off everything between now and December 31": I already received the cleaning fluid I order a couple of weeks ago. However, I...
10 years ago 4
VOT: A Roomba mystery
We have talked about vacuums here, including the Roomba. So I thought I'd share our little adventure. My older son came to visit for a week (left Saturday) and while he was here, I walked past the...
10 years ago 51
kenmore machine 385 19606
------------------------------------- I could not figure out how to reply to an existing post, so I'm starting over. I have the above machine, and I love it. I bought it last year, and I've only used...
10 years ago 1
Husqvarna Viking 21e expert needed
I bought this old machine because I want sometimes to go slo.o.o.o.o.ow, like around strap fasteners, etc. and this machine has a gear that slows it down to about 25% of its normal speed. The elna...
10 years ago 2