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New web site
Hello every one. A new web site has been launched called aimed at tailoring and sewing, all video based. Regards to everyone Mike ------------------------------------- ,__o _-_ Spam, spam and more...
10 years ago 3
Kenmore Feed Dog Trouble
I have read a lot about feed dogs...but have not found anyone else with a similar problem to mine.I have a new machine (7 years old, but never used), Kenmore 385.12102, given to me by a friend. The...
10 years ago 5
Next Spring Will Be Using Dress Shop Pattern Program
Why not now? Well, I've already lost over 100 pounds since February and still have 30 or 40 more to loose before I want some new more permanent clothes. Right now, I'm wearing mostly jeans and...
10 years ago 4
shortening the length of a pattern
I have a costume pattern that I'm sewing for our praise team girls. It's an adult pattern and I want to shorten the length. It say to shorten crease on easy-rule guide. When I fold to the amount I...
10 years ago 2
Thanks for all the help!
Back on October 23, this group was helping me with a machine that just could not form stitches. This happened after I tried sewing some old, sticky Velcro. Finally, after taking this groups advice,...
10 years ago 7
Seriously need help
My DGD wants a dress form for Christmas! Perfect gift from me to her, wouldn't you say? DD called and suggested the one on the back page of today's TSWLTH doorbuster ad, but as I recall many folks...
10 years ago 38
heidi&finn patterns - have you tried them?
hi, i found this new seller on etsy that has really cute kids clothing patterns. was wondering if anyone has bought and tried any of these and what they thought just wanted to hear some feedback...
10 years ago
Sewing update
I have been a little busy... Projects going through the workroom now: Rehem Regency gown and launder (it's silk crepe de chine: she's always nervous about it, so I tend to do it for her. Delightful...
10 years ago 2
Happy Thanksgiving
To all who celebrate Thanksgiving ,I wish you a very Happy Day. If you do not celebrate, I still wish you a Happy Day. Juno "Juno B" wrote... Thank you for the Happy Day, and to you, too, and all of...
10 years ago 9
OT: ping Kate
Just a brag: My grandson, who is studying this semester in Vienna, is spending the Thanksgiving weekend in England. As near as I can tell from the atlas and his description, it must be near your home....
10 years ago 1
Diagnostic Manual for Pfaff 7570
where can I download it for free? best greetings to all Herbie
10 years ago
I threaded my White FR bobbin case!
Without a tool, that is. The thread just sorta popped over the little tongue while I was trying to open a seam ripper with my other hand and my teeth. I think the secret is to push the thread a little...
10 years ago 3
Upholstery suede
I have some nice upholstery-weight faux suede I'm going to use to re-cover 12 dining room chair seats. Anyone have experience using it? Do you run the nap to the front or back? I don't suppose it...
10 years ago 3
Elna SU 62C user manual
I have been given an elna SU 62c but I don't really know how to use it. Does anyone have a user manual that they could email to me? Thanks a lot, -Jake -------------------------------------...
10 years ago
Online pattern sites
Does anyone here like what has done to their web site? I really dislike all the pop-ups, fuzzy focus, stupid categories, and layout. I just sent them an e-mail asking that they re-think this, I can't...
10 years ago 20