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A new to me source
Just came across this place through a CraftStylish emailing. They don't have an online catalog but it still looks interesting. The best part is it's a couple of hours drive from where I live and would...
10 years ago
Hardy Amies
Anyone going to this? I'd love a meet-up, if you are... Need an excuse to get out more!
10 years ago
Coat too tight in underarm
Hi there, I just bought this beautiful new trench coat that fits me perfectly everywhere except the underarm. Is there some way to make the underarm bigger? Any suggestions would be greatly...
10 years ago 2
just a whine about why no sewing
So, I was going to be in my sewing room today. I had SUCH plans. A jersey cardigan for myself. Perhaps getting started on a jersey surplice top dress, also for myself. Both for this weekend, since...
10 years ago 28
What I've Been Busy Doing <OT>
totally Off Topic, but thought some of you might enjoy part of my recent trip to AZ Had at least one link that wasn't working. Its been corrected now
10 years ago 1
Free Fabric Scraps
Hi Everyone, I am looking for any and all fabric scraps you would like to get rid of. I am a quilter/sewer and I teach quilting to young children. I love scrap quilts and this would be greatly...
10 years ago
Looking for fabric
I am looking for a Robert Kaufman fabric, charcoal/indigo batik background with burnt orange longhorn steer heads on it. The pertinent information is: Robert Kaufman AMD7251-179 Can anyone give me...
10 years ago 2
"Fantastic Butterfly- Christmas Star"
My Christmas gifts are going to look great with this design featured. unique!!! Two of nature's beauties, a butterfly and stars.. For the harvesters, spammer Igor V Denisov wants mail: person: Igor V...
10 years ago 1
Colored elastic?
Is there an online source for colored elastic in the 1 to 1 1/4 inch wide range? I've done a search but have had no luck; it could have been my search method. Anyone have a site to share?? Here are...
10 years ago 6
Something for me!
I just can't leave Lycra alone at the moment! I downloaded the Karen cardigan and the Yoga pants from Burdastyle. As usual (unfortunately for the less experienced) the instructions leave almost...
10 years ago 1
Need a previously posted web-site
a month or two ago, one of you posted a great site... devoted to some great tailoring done by a woman in England. Her tailoring was so detailed that one dress she did with pin-stripes was elegant...
10 years ago 26
Joann's Coupon
I have a Joann's coupon I got this morning in my email for an extra 20% off in case anyone is interested
10 years ago
All done!
Last pod canopy delivered this evening, and I have the cheque. :) And the boss man is keen for me to do more things like it, but has agreed that a greater lead-time woul be a good move! :D...
10 years ago 11
ping Kay foe
Kay, would you mind sharing your source for foldover elastic. I'd like to try it on a couple of projects Thanks, Juno ROTFLOL!!! I read that subject line as "ping the person who is Kay's "foe"", and...
10 years ago 12
Almost done!
Yesterday I finished the dress and jacket so far that I can take it to the lady with the steam pressing table and the hemming machine. The dress lining is pinned (no time for basting), the hemline of...
10 years ago 7