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Husqvarna Emma Sewing Machine
I am trying to find a Husqvarna emma sewing machine. I was helping my girlfriend move and accidentally threw it away. Does anyone know where to find a used one? None shows up on eBay or a google...
11 years ago 2
So, have you all got lost in the spam soup?
No new messages here for days... Tried setting up a filter, but it broke down and I had to cancel. Not had any sew messages sine 4th August... On Aug 7, 6:02=A0am, Kate XXXXXX wrote: Well, I can give...
11 years ago 11
Greetings from Lombok Tailors Indonesia
Dear All Friends Worldwide, Greetings from Lombok Tailors Group in Indonesia, Glad to know all of you here... We do hope all of you will get bigger success in near future. We are here to help you all...
11 years ago
drapery and upholstery fabric
I was Joann's today to pick up some heavy duty interfacing for my baseball hat brims and buttons for my new purse. There was another lady at the cutting table buying some yummy looking fabric for...
11 years ago 1
what happened?
hey whats going on, i haven't been here for a while, whats up with all the crapy spam type stuff? a while back i peeped in and found all sorts of vulgarities, now this. where do i go now for...
11 years ago 7
Hello Kitty!! for all peaple!!!
Look and sew these Hello Kitty embroidery! more free embroidery
11 years ago
Husqvarna husky lock 32 D user's manual
Where can I find user's manual for Husqvarna husky lock 32 D user's manual. Gulla ------------------------------------- saumalina _ _ _ _ | |_ | |__ (_) ___ (_) ___ _ __ ___ _ _ | __|| '_ | |/ __|...
11 years ago 2
So fed up (and not entirely OT)
Hi all, I thought that I might rejoyce since my health insurance promised me some household help. I had been struggling on my own, plus the paper war with them and then, on Friday, the lady told me...
11 years ago 1
Stippeling help
Quilters, One of you were following my twitter tweets and asked about looping while stippeling. I have more than 30 years experience with this and service all brands of household and professional...
11 years ago 1
Brain has suffered total meltdown, and I'm in free-fall! I need a Manly type of sewing kit organizer pattern for the GMNT! I have tried and failed to design this myself. Free or downloadable as I...
11 years ago 12
machine sewing leather
Hello all, first post Bob here. I used to have an old hand pumped Singer that was very good for sewing leather. It got lost in a house move. I would like another but was thinking, the main reason it...
11 years ago 3
Production Needed
I am looking for a company that can sew and produce Baby Blankets in the USA. Does anyone know of anything? Thanks ------------------------------------- Tedra...
11 years ago 1
OT: Doctors may be hazardous to your (mental) health
Clips made.... But no starch is a challenge. My DH had a physical the other day, with mixed results. He's been taking Lipitor for several years now, and the lab results show that he has very low...
11 years ago 57
[OT] Reunion, painting, flooring
I'm off today to my cousin's home south of here to celebrate the Bicentennial Brown Family Reunion. We have pamphlets and pictures from the original, held in Ohio in 1909. My DD and cousin have done...
11 years ago
red felt discs?
Two small red felt discs with a hole in 'em came with my machine. What are they used for? You can tell I am not experienced. I use the machine strictly for mending and straight stuff like curtains....
11 years ago 63