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sell metal wire mesh for craft
Dear Sir Or Madam : Merry christmas and happy new year My comapany : manufacturing and exporting wire mesh products for world customers including Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt, W...
13 years ago
Latest adventures
Hi Everybody! Haven't had time to post in the last couple of days but have been reading the daily digest emails faithfully. I actually had time to stamp last weekend!! I'm not kidding!! :-) This is ...
13 years ago 3
AD: What About You?
Hi All! You've made a whole heap of beautiful cards and sent them out, you've bought and wrapped presents for everyone, you've planned the family dinner menu and you've scrubbed the house from top ...
13 years ago
words of the day
DOE: Female of paid knight. Bolting: We golf course. Reddish: Get a pilounce.
13 years ago
Where do you stamp?
DH and I are in a temporary rental house right now, so I stamp either on a card table or the kitchen table. We are house hunting, and every time we look at a house I try to figure out where I'd set u...
13 years ago 3
AD: free shipping
Enjoy FREE shipping until the end of the year on all US and Canadian orders. Free shipping is good on mounted, unmounted and sheets of stamps plus all supplies.
13 years ago
ad: eyelets BOGO!
Eyelets are on special. Buy one get one FREE!! Check out the colors and shapes at
13 years ago
Are you interested?
Hi one and all I was wondering if you stampers were interested in have a place where we can all post pictures of our creations? I am willing to set up a winkflash site if you are all interested. We ...
13 years ago 7
AD: TONS of stuff on auction!!!
I just listed a TON of unmounted rubber stamps on the auction ( Most are just $1. Username EurekaStamps
13 years ago
COMM: Order FAST for holiday delivery!!
I am amazed at how fast Christmas is coming, it's only 13 days away!! I haven't shopped, my TREE isn't even up (and not one of the kids has even mentioned it yet, THAT'S how crazy-busy we are!) and I'...
13 years ago
Sketches & Drawings
Hi, If you are looking for a good source of custom drawn sketches for our stamps, take a look at We create drawings from your photographs. Any enquiries are more than welcome. ...
13 years ago
NEW Blue Light Specials, 50% off! 12/4
I've FINALLY finished changing the specials, so go have a look! I added a lot, and left some up from last time, so there's a LOT on special now, at 50% off! I have a ton of stuff built up and would L...
13 years ago
Embellishments question - buttons
Hi! So I have these really cute ladybug buttons I was given that I'd like to use on cards (looks like they were sold as embellishments not as real buttons based on the packaging), but they have this ...
13 years ago 7
Posting pictures
Gotta run, DH is waiting for dinner, but wanted to quickly post this, as it looks like there were questions about posting pictures in previous threads...a while back this group had a spurt of activity...
13 years ago 1
Are you ready for Christmas?
Okay so I have been off trying to find a job and helping take card of my 87 year old gramma and well I have missed the conversations in this group. So I want to know if you are all set for Christmas?...
13 years ago 5