Make your artwork into great polymer stamps FREE Illustrated instructions

Turn your artwork into great polymer stamps at home. No expensive
equipment. Start less than $15. Complete detailed and illustrated
simple step by step instructions, what supplies you need, where to get
them. All information is FREE.
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Has anybody tried this web site for supplies? I am thinking of trying it but am wondering about the toxicity of the chemicals and how to dispose of them, whether they go down the drain easily, etc. Also, for you diehard rubber stampers, are the rubber stamp conventions accommodating in this area of creation. I mean, is there usually a table with demonstrations on how to go about creating your own photopolymer stamp? :-\
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Bier de Stone
All polymer, post finish solution, wash out soap, glycerin water are bio-degradable, and can be flushed down the drain without problems. They are not toxic, and do not require special handling other than keeping out of direct sunlight until ready to expose. Thanks for the good question.
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