VACATION ALERT for Ma Vinci's!

Hey, if you need anything quickly, PLEASE get your orders in within
the next several days. Ma Vinci will be on vacation in FLORIDA from
7/16 through 7/23. There is a reminder of this on the home page, but
wanted to give you guys here a heads up in plenty of time to get your
orders placed before I leave. I'll fill order clear up through the
14th, mailed on the 15th. Pass the word and get your order in fast!
I love filling orders and work really hard to get them out the door in
a flash!
I've never been to Florida, and am SOOOOOO looking forward to being at
the beach for a few days (on the gulf coast side), I LOVE a beach!
Thanks all!
Ma Vinci's Reliquary
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PO Box 472702 Aurora, CO 80047-2702
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