Canvas and other awning ideas

I have been out of the awning market for some time now. When I first
started, I went to Disneyland, and found all manner of awnings and ideas for
fastening them to frames, many of which I brought back to Las Vegas, and put
me in the forefront of awning makers in Vegas for years.
Now, today, I see lots and lots of covers on public school grounds. And
sail shaped combinations that give both shade and incredible aesthetic
effects. They are highly tensioned with steel cable, and I am sure made of
fabric about two light years ahead of Sunbrella in strength and weather
resistant properties. Anyone know the name or source of this?
I also weld, so making frames, and support columns and anchorages is no big
Are there any sites anyone can recommend where I can go and look for ideas?
What I do a lot is just carry my camera and when I see something, jump out
and take a picture. We were at Fazoli's the other day (a chain Italian fast
food restaurant) and the people musta thought we were crazy for taking
pictures. I see the company plate names on the shade structures, but they
want to sell the whole job, and not just the component parts.
Help, caveats, and guidance appreciated.
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