Directions to finish 60 year old rug

I have a partial rug that was being made about 60 years ago by my great
She died before finishing it.
She used the handle of a toothbrush to ?sew? the strips of fabric
together. (She treaded the fabric strips through the hole of the
toothbrush). The rug appears to be oval in shape. My Mama and I have
unravelled a portion but can not figure it out. It is not crochet) If
anyone knows how to make this rug please let me know. Thanks
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Beverly, Those are great instructions. I don't know if at this stage of life, I'll start one but I love the idea. They would make great hot pads though, if you think on a small scale. Right now I'll stick with doll clothes and some things for me. Juno
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Speaking of which, I delivered the last of my donation capes yesterday. AND I found the folder where I stored all my custom AG doll clothes patterns. YAY!
I have a couple of alterations jobs in the queue, (shortening sleeves on two jackets for younger DD, at the cap not the hem because they have *cut* buttonholes in the vents! erk!) but I should be able to scan and/or trace off the AG patterns soon. I haven't forgotten. ;-}
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BEI Design
Not to worry.I've not felt well this past week.Finally got to the doctor Thursday. Found out I have bronchitis and an asthma flare up, first in 2 years. So sewing has not been a priority. I started to sew today and my machine was not acting right. Did the needle change, rewound the bobbin and still was working right. Finally took out the bobbin race and found a lint mess.Took me an hour to clean it up.She's sewing like a dream now. I think it would be an understatement to say it hasn't hasn't had much love lately. Juno
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