help me with my machine

I have a Kenmore 158.16250. Used it several times. Do not have a
and the needle is hitting the plate. I cannot seem to adjust. Anyone
have any ideas
please contact me immediately. In the middle of a project and somehow
it got out of adjustment
and now I'm messed up.
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On 5 Nov 2006 10:59:52 -0800, "jelizbugg" wrote:
Do you have the zig zag plate in the machine? Or the straight stitch plate?
Are you trying to use zig zag, and the needle is hitting the plate? Or straight stitch?
Try taking out the needle and cleaning out the groove the needle sits in. =20
Other than that, need more info....
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First put in a new needle. Very likely it is bent and or inserted incorrectly. If it turns over by hand and does not hit but does when you are sewing it is operator error. You may be pulling or pushing the material. Or it could even be the material is to heavy for the machine/needle.
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Ron Anderson

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