last cd sale embroidery designs

Connie and I have decided to stop all cd sales on our site after
March 1st.
We feel that our membership area is the way we are going to go on our
site, and will be going that direction starting March 1st.
After March 1st ALL cd's will be removed from the site entirely, and
no more will be available this year (maybe never as we no longer need
to sell them). I am making up 100 cd's today for this last cd sale.
The cd will have 1000+ designs/projects on it, and we will make this
sale a BIG boom of a sale. Only $10.00 the price of a one month
membership on our site :).
So, if you want to get one of these cd's (or two) go to
formatting link
and grab one up.
This is a HUGE bargain, less then a penny a design, if you want a
HUGE deal, then this is it. There are enough designs and/or projects
on ths cd to keep you busy for years to come :)
Thanks everyone.
Bart and Connie Perry
Yes, ALL our designs and projects are MANUALLY punced, NO auto-
digitizing here.
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Connie Perry

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