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Barb Spencer's Enchanted Attic Don't let the internet address fool you..there is much more than dolls on my site. Of course, there are dolls, dolls for your dolls, collectible dolls, vintage dolls, dol...
11 years ago
Invisible zipper in suede cloth
The fabric keeps gathering up. How do I solve this?
11 years ago 4
Sewing Question
I have been lurking the newsgroup for a few days, and I have a question. What is a good project for someone who doesn't like sewing,but wants to get over that dislike? Starsong
11 years ago 5
I have tried everything short of standing on my head and still can't get the bobbin thread to raise. I have changed my needle, adjusted the top thread tension both ways, re-threaded the machine m...
11 years ago 5
Advice sought for fabric application/gluing problem please.
Hello, I want to apply some irregular shaped poyester fabric shapes to a tee shirt without sewing. The polyester shapes would take far too long to hem and sew on so I want to find a way of cutting th...
11 years ago 7
Re: Commercials
Watch out for that OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW doorknob!
11 years ago
Re: Commercials
This newsgroup is not moderated. There is no "allowed" number of ads, there *should* be none, but spammers are liars and thieves, they don't care. Stick around, adjust your filters (mostly *@gma...
11 years ago
Pls help!who knows Little Kiss brand?
Dear all, i'm from China and not quite know about foreign market. Could you pls tell me about "Little Kiss" -a spanish brand? is it popular in ur countries or u've never heard about it? Thank you for ...
11 years ago
Kwiksew is making 40 years of patterns available
Per their website, "As a special service, KWIK SEW offers every* pattern it has ever printed for purchase! This provides access to almost all of ...
11 years ago
Fiber Arts & Animals Festival - June 14, 2008
Hello all... The Fiber Arts & Animals Festival will be held on Saturday, June 14, 2008 from 10 AM to 5 PM in Marshall, Michigan. If you are interested in being an exhibitor and would like more infom...
11 years ago
snap tool help
very new to the sue of snap fasterners--have used simple dritz set but need something more easy and professional to use. i will be attaching hoods to jackets--hoods need to be easily removed and re...
11 years ago 1
Hello All! In need of some advice...
Hello Everybody, My name is Mike and I'm 22 in North Carolina. I have become interested in sewing for several different reasons: A. The clothes that I like, the styles that I like, and the look th...
11 years ago 5
How to remove a glued-in shirt label
Can anyone suggest a way to remove a glued-in label in the back of a polo short? I was given a very nice polo shirt for Christmas. Unfortunately, it has a rather annoying rubberized label glued in th...
11 years ago 27
tension messed up
I have no idea how to set the tension on either my old steel head Singer or my home ec class newer model Singer. The bottom thread turns into a "rat's nest" before I have sewed a few inches. Help! ...
11 years ago 2
Needles maybe
I _think_ I have a needle issue. Once in a while my Pfaff 130 takes a fit and decides to wrap thread around the spindle that turns the bobbin. My usual response is to take her down, clean her out, ...
11 years ago 9