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Kenmore Model 90
Hi There! I'm new to Seing Girls--Hope to learn from those here. I have a Kenmore sewing machine Model 90 that was given to me. It is missing the cams, attachements, etc. Does anyone here know wher...
10 years ago 4
Kenmore Model 90
Hi There! I just joined here. Hope this will be a great place to learn new things! I have a Kenmore sewing machine, Model 90 that was given to me. It is missing a manual, cams, attachments, etc. Doe...
10 years ago
Linen Co-Op - High Quality European Flax Linen - March 2009
Greetings unto the List, Please forgive the plug, but we have a fantastic linen co-op going on right now on our period fabric co-op group. Please come and join us and get yourself some great period f...
10 years ago
Bear cotton thread?
At is a picture of a cotton thread with at bear on it. It is made by the very large producer J. & P. Coats of Paisley, Scotland. Can anyone tell me anything about this? It was sold in Scandinavia si...
10 years ago 3
It is a GREAT day today!
Tony the Tiger gr-r-r-r-r-r-reat, even. *beaming* It's always a great day, don't you think, when you find out that the optometrist who told you two years ago that you had two separate ophthalmologi...
10 years ago 2
Hi Everyone!
Hi Everyone, I have joined this group to share with you this wonderful world of Sewing. My name is Nicole and I have some cute clipart at Please take a look; I am sur...
10 years ago 1
Can someone please tell me what size and type of needle to use to sew patent leather? You may Email me at this address TIA ;-) Py
10 years ago 6
Two New Sewing Pattern Groups On Flickr
Come join us in the Costume Sewing Patterns Group on Flickr! Come join us in the Etsy Sewing Patterns Group on Flickr!
10 years ago
HuskyLock 430
Hi All, Does anyone know whether the cutting blade can be moved out of the way or removed so that the overlocker does not cut the fabric as I overlock?!? ------------------------------------- H*E*L*...
11 years ago 4
Steam Iron
Hi, Anyone have a recommendation on a steam iron. My daughter doesn't like hers and I haven't bought one in a long time. Thanks in advance.
11 years ago 2
Pfaff 130 Service Manual
Anyone who needs a service manual for the Pfaff 130-6 machine can find it in my ebay store. Check dakota*horse out. I list this because I have seen several questions re the Pfaff 130 so this might be ...
11 years ago 3
Rope Pull?
Anyone know where I can get aluminum rope pull strips? You sew in a round cord on canvas, then thread the sewn canvas and cord through the aluminum extrusion. The extrusion has been fastened to so...
11 years ago
Basic knowledge of decorative handmade oil painting manual
Guide: Decorative painting can give room spirituality, wisdom and thinking, as a pair of bright eyes full of wisdom and able to make the same Aura Decorative painting can give room spirituality, wis...
11 years ago
Saw a beautiful fabric- how can I find it?
------------------------------------- I saw the greatest fabric in Etsy used on a handbag. I have emailed the maker who has been very helpful but just had a remnant for it and the remnant has no ...
11 years ago 2
Replace elastic around top of sock?
Does anyone know how to replace the elastic around the top of a sock? I have a bag full of socks that don't stay up any more but are perfectly fine. Thanks. JOhn
11 years ago 7