Working on a pattern-drafting software FAQ

I would like to solicit ideas about a pattern-drafting software FAQ to
post to the group.
Do you own *and use* pattern drafting software (as opposed to "I bought
it/got it as a gift/whatever, but it's still sitting in the drawer/never
got it to work/whatever? If so, which one(s), including which versions,
add-ons, etc.? (Please answer this question whether or not you want to
help compile the FAQ -- I want to include that as informal survey
What would you like to see in a pattern-drafting software FAQ?
What would you *not* like to see?
What kind of information or suggestions was or would be most helpful to
you when you were or are looking at pattern-drafting software?
What would you, the pattern drafting software owner, have liked to know
about pattern drafting software before making your purchase that you
found out afterward? Did you make any mistakes in selecting your
software, and how could someone else avoid making the same mistake?
What would you, the potential pattern drafting software purchaser, like
to know about pattern drafting software packages in order to help you
make your selection?
If you tried pattern drafting software and gave up on it, would you mind
sharing your experience so that someone else would benefit?
I know the two major camps of software owners have very strong feelings
about their own software, myself included, and I am hoping to stay away
from personality-worship, commercial endorsements, personal biases,
competition-bashing, naming brand names, testimonial-type comments,
etc., and stick to objective facts (including the above informal survey
of how many active newsgroup readers use each of the various software
programs), and in that vein I pledge to you that I will do my utmost to
keep my own very strong personal biases off the FAQ as well (and I also
will welcome correction if someone feels I have fallen short on that
Once I get an outline of what people think would be good or bad things
to include, I will solicit more contributions from here (and, if nobody
objects, also from the major pattern drafting software discussion areas
-- mailing lists, web fora, etc.) for content to the FAQ from folks who
have something to say and who wouldn't mind being included.
You may reply here or to my email address, mmeahan at sonic dot net, and
thanks very much for your help.
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
Melinda I tried to email this to you at the adress you quote but it came back so I shall post this here insted.
I own and use Dress shop with no add ons at all, but probably do not use as much as could due to the fact I do much more sewing for other people than I do for myself. I also have issues with the upgrade to version 6 but thats another story.
They could give better information about the capacity of memory needed to run the program, the amount needed is high and this was not pointed out when I purchased the upgrade which has never worked for me on my old computer. I have had to uninstall it and go back to running the old version. Being in France and not the USA means no one else is around to help me out altho' I believe the help groups in theUS are amazing.
The chat groups are good and very helpful and I like the fact that non users were welcome, however they were a bit "Dress shop is King " and were scathing about any other product.
I would like tohave the chance to try other software ie pattern master boutique and prahaps fittingly sew. However I finished up with dress shop as I liked the product when I ran the test version and was offerd an amazing price deal otherwise I could never have afforded it at all.
Claire in Montréal, France.
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Claire Owen
"Melinda Meahan - take out TRASH to send" a écrit dans le message de news: 4378c36a$0$75763$
Thats why I tried to send this straight to you. Don't know what happened there. Never mind. Good luck with this, I think it's worth doing.
Claire in Montréal, France.
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Claire Owen
Don't worry about it at all. Your comments are still valid regardless of the brand of software, and you get full power of approval over what I quote (I will be deleting the name of the package you mentioned because it could happen anywhere but otherwise try to keep it intact.).
I firmly believe that no one software package is going to be perfect for everybody. Hey, no one software package is even perfect for just me all the time! There's a reason why I use 3 different text organizer programs and 4-5 different word processing programs. :)
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
In alt.sewing Melinda Meahan - take out TRASH to send wrote:
Great! My questions, F* and otherwise:
Does anyone actually *
use* these?
Does anyone like the results? (Perhaps these two ?s could be more neutrally phrased)
Do any of these have Linux ports?
Any examples of finished work done from the patterns?
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