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rid-jid ironing boards
------------------------------------- does anyone know where you can buy Rid-Jid ironing board covers now? i've had mine for 48 years and cannot locate covers here anymore....
12 years ago
stiches problem HELP
ok i am not a good sew person but i do like the idea of sewing..does that make sense? haha i have a sewing machine my aunt gave me with everything i need to sew but when i begin to sew i stitch a few...
12 years ago 8
Kenmore Serger Model 385 1664190
I was given this machine as a gift. It came with a video, but I have no VCR. I need threading and operating information that is either written on paper or on computer. I am anxious to use I didn't...
12 years ago 5
Fabric inventory software recommendations?
Hello all, Can anyone direct me to a good (but preferably cheap or FREE) software program to track my sewing fabric inventory? Some of the commercially available programs cost upwards to $30-$50,...
12 years ago 5
Repair or replace pedal in an old pfaff 232 domestic machine
Hi I have an old pfaff 232 machine. Works very nicely, but the pedal has burned out. Looks like a resistor or capacitor has gotten too hot. Smells horrible. Still works a bit but starts sewing at the...
12 years ago 3
Anyone have a Singer 111W155?
Got a couple of particular questions for you if you do have one, or are familiar with them. I'm getting mine running but having a couple of simple (hope so) glitches so far. Steve I may be able to...
12 years ago 5
Needle position
------------------------------------- My mom gave me her old Pfaff 7550,and I'm really struggling to use this manual. I can't find anything in it! Does anybody know how to adjust the needle position...
12 years ago 4
Basic Dart Question
Hi, I'm Hesira, and I am very new to sewing. I was hoping I could find an answer to this question. I am making the dress from Simplicity Pattern #3835. There are 2 darts in the back. I cut out the...
12 years ago 2
Taiko owners manual
I am looking for an owners manual for a Taiko model TK340LH. This is an industrial, walking foot machine. Tried several places on the internet, but no luck so far. Any suggestions? TIA
12 years ago
Need Internet Source for awning supplies
What's a good Internet supplier of Singer 111W155 needles, heavy UV resistant thread for outdoor awnings, and sewing machine lubricants? And what is a good source for awning supplies? I like Sunbrella...
12 years ago 1
Yes, HUGE! Never use 3 in 1 on a sewing machine: it gums it up! I occasionally use 3 in 1 Professional High Performance lubricant with PTFE for freeing up stuck bits on rescued machines, but you then...
12 years ago 5
Janome New Home Combi 10 Overlocker/Serger
I was cleaning up my old sewing machine today having not used it for a while and discovered something odd about the overlocker. It's a while since I used it for overlocking and I had some difficulty...
12 years ago 1
Problems with a steam iron
I recently bought a brand new Black & Decker Steam Advantage iron (model F2200). This is one with a "Ceramic Glide" soleplate. I've owned it less than a week and I am already having problems with it....
12 years ago 3
Hotrodding a Pfaff
So my favorite sewing machine has a problem. It has a motor that is 50 or 60 years old. It is one of those old universal Safety Motors made by the Mercury company. Plus the pedal is one of the type...
12 years ago 8
Welcome to ANTIQUE LACE PLACE WELCOME! This is a most exciting site of antique laces and trims from the Victorian era through the 40's. We have gorgeous handmade lace yardage, insertion lace yardage,...
12 years ago