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Hello, again
Been away a while. Have been trying to get my Singer 111W155 working. The thread gobs up on the underside of the fabric. One local poster said she had a chip out of her bobbin holder, and it caused...
10 years ago 20
pattern making
Forgive my ignorance first off! I attempted to search for answers on old posts. Overwhelming! I'm looking for help on pattern making. I make all my dresses and use what is now a homemade pattern. How...
10 years ago 11
Call for Artists - Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Spring 2010 Market
Registration is open for the 2010 Spring Market. The application is online now, please click on the FORMS link to apply. The 2010 Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Spring Market is set for Saturday, May...
10 years ago
Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full.
Here is a picture of three grocery bags that I made for a charity fund raiser for my wife's favorite charity. They are made out of a whole bunch of diagonal 2 color squares that I have left over from...
10 years ago 16
OT; Sewing Room Art
I have been searching for an gender appropriate piece of sewing related art, that I could hang in my sewing room. Not surprisingly, most of what I have found has women represented in the various tasks...
10 years ago 9
knitting for bespoke tailoring?
is it feasible to handknit an entire garment to an exact set of measurements? is it feasible to do "fittings" of thusly-knitted garment before completion? Most of the bespoke clothing, suits, and...
10 years ago 20
fabric for quickest hang drying?
i do a LOT of travel. In Asia, where bespoke tailoring is affordable. i usually end up handwashing in the hotel room because it's the only way to get garments turned around in less than 24 hours. i...
10 years ago 2
Where are the sew guys?
Hi I am a sewer, i do period and theater costumes, embroidery, digitizing, garment and heirloom sewing, and i have been sewing for 35 years, I am currently sewing costumes for an upcoming show, i'm...
11 years ago 21
Seeking a sewing mentor in West Hills/Canoga Park area
Heyo - just started learning to sew - made elf hats for my sisters at christmas - but wanting some more indepth skills: pleats, darts, collars, finishing touches, et al. Anyone got some free time and...
11 years ago 13
What would you do to embellish a handbag, to give it a more designer look?
I guess I'm having trouble with this one because I'd actually like to make a small duffel bag but I don't want it to look ordinary. I'd like to give it more designer look, if such a thing is possible,...
11 years ago 7
Hand Crafted Halloween Costume Contest
Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share that with Halloween right around the corner, and so many crafty individuals out there, J&O Fabrics is holding a Halloween costume contest for those of us who have...
11 years ago
Names of the thin light costume fabrics ?
hello, Could someone enlighten me as to the name of (or link to ) those thin lightweight fabrics used in the ready made costumes. Thats the cheapy thin stuff . I am mostly interested in the...
11 years ago 4
call for Artists - Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa Holiday Market
Athens Indie Craftstravagazaa is now accepting applications for our Holiday 2009 Craftstravaganzaa. We are looking for artists and makers of all persuasions, from fine arts to handcrafts. Quirky, raw,...
11 years ago
cutter for Globe M34
Does anyone know where to get a new cutter for M34 overlocker This is an international newsgroup. You appear to be in New Zealand, so this may not help. I have no way of knowing if Ron Anderson has...
11 years ago 3
Checking to see if this works
Having trouble posting to news groups. Just checking to see if this goes through. Donna G. Michigan's Upper Peninsula "Donna Gennick" wrote : Your message has appeared in both and Beverly
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