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Auto sewing pattern - logo! Free!
Audi - all formats
11 years ago
Little Ballerina Sock Monkeys! 35 Designs
These are a new style from the same artist as our other sock monkeys, but just too cute for words: I have more of these to digitize, so be on the lookout for more newSock Monkeys! To be released this...
11 years ago 1
Fleece Materials With Some Spandex
I'm looking for solid color fleece fabric - sold by the yard - that is about 85% to 95% nylon fleece, and the remainder spandex (to make the fabric stretch well during use). Can anyone recommend a...
11 years ago
A place for people with more than one hobby or interest (including sewing)!
There's a new social community that's specifically for people who have multiple interests. Along with discussion forums, you'll have your own personal page with internal e-mail, a blog and a photo...
11 years ago
Help out MIT researchers
A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE? Help MIT researchers to help people to live better ? by sewing We are looking for a volunteer to help us design and sew wristbands for a project that will hopefully help...
11 years ago
Best fabric for placemats and napkins?
Can anyone tell me of the best fabric for making placemats and napkins that won't wrinkle and curl and need to be ironed? I want something that comes out of the dryer looking halfway decent. Denim...
11 years ago 5
Instruction manual for sewing machine
Could anyone tell me where I might find a market for an Instruction Manual for a Brother's BAS-320 sewing machine? Thank you Michael
11 years ago
AD: Color Me Sunflowers, and Pet Animal Applique Blocks(LAST DAY on sale)
You know those days when the kids-grandkids, neighbor kids, all stand around with nothing to do? Well, here is something they will have fun doing, and you will have something to show off all their...
11 years ago
question about ripstop upgrade
Hello, I was wondering, say there was a situation where there was fabric, but it wasn't quite strong enough, and I wanted to "upgrade" it to ripstop, by weaving or stitching a quadrille ruled pattern,...
11 years ago 6
Need fabric recommendation for lawn targets
I would like to make several targets for practicing golf shots. These would be circles of various sizes from from about a 1-yard radius up to a 5-yard radius -- possibly a bit larger. I have been...
11 years ago 20
Need a new machine, but which one?
Hi, everybody. I last bought a sewing machine in 1982, a trusty Pfaff 1463. It's time to buy something new, but which one? Are there any brands that are made sturdier and better than the others? I...
11 years ago 10
Turning suit jacket into bolero style jacket
Hi there people...I am completely new to this website and to sewing!!! I hope you guys will be able to help me. I am thinking about converting a normal suit jacket that I have into a bolero style...
11 years ago 3
Textile Machinery & Accessory Seller
The best site for your textile machinery needs Whether it may spinning to finishing Leading TEXTILE MACHINERY & ACCESSORY SELLER site Check out
11 years ago
Greenolive textiles!
11 years ago
Crochet Lovers and Crochet Maniacs, we're working on a surprise for you...
If you've been looking for a Web-Community where you'd find a wealth of info regarding the fine art of Crochet which is more than a creative hobby, we are working systematically for the completion of...
11 years ago