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Lamp auger?
Hi, I'd like to try making some simple lamps, probably using the hardware one can find at Home Depot or Lowes. What size auger should I get? The hardware package says it is 3/8, but it looks too small...
15 years ago 12
Surge Protector for Nova DVR lathe
The manufacturer requires that a surge protector be installed t safeguard the electronics on the lathe. Is one really necessary in th UK -- Tony the Turner It is a good Idea to use surge protection...
15 years ago 8
Woodturning Classes
The recent discussion in other threads about woodturning classes and teaching has gotten me to wondering about everybodies experiences in this. I'm also asking this because one of my woodturning clubs...
16 years ago 7
Warped Chess Board
I wasn't sure where to post this for help so I'll just throw it out there. I have an old "leather" chess board that's warped and would like to get some advise on how I might possibly straighten it? If...
8 years ago 4