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funny thing happened
when i tell people that i work with wood and mention wood turning they always grab onto that and in their mind they just think woodturner so whenever they encounter something about turning they send...
4 years ago 2
nice old 6 foot oliver duplicator
have to say that olivers one of my favorite lathe to look at a steal i think
4 years ago
copier lathe hegner
looks like a copy lathe no motor but looks like the rest is there
4 years ago
oneway 1018
this is the oneway mini or midi a lot for a small lathe comes with tools and chuck
4 years ago
with shipping crate cedar musky baits biz
reminds me of the pattern maker lathes
4 years ago
nova newer and used only once
looks like a vfd on there and maybe a swivel head for outboard turning Looks a bit light but if used for pens and cups it would be ok. Martin Why do I think you've never seen one or used one? On Mon,...
4 years ago 5
two old deltas
and a discount if you take both
4 years ago
1970s myford
unique design and has an outboard tool rest would guess that there are not many of these in the states
4 years ago
australian stubby
had to go read up more on this one reminds me of a robust a little The quote there by John Jordan looks familiar as he now says pretty much the same...
4 years ago 4
powermatic 3520a
seems like a very good price for this model
4 years ago
oneway lathe good price
this is a nice lathe and quite a deal moving that will be no fun at 1400 pounds
4 years ago
Lube for Turning
Ok, another question. When making a cut on the metal lathe, I often use some form of lube. It makes a dramatic difference when drilling. Has anyone tried lube for their turnings? What did you use? My...
4 years ago 2
Hot Glue for Face Plate Turning
I just turned a piece using my lathe face plate and a piece of scrap hot glued on to the work piece. It worked terrifically, but gave me a bit of a problem removing the scrap. Can someone give me an...
4 years ago 4
powermatic 45
looks like the tools are not included but not a bad deal with all the tool rests lathe tools and clamps always seem to go first i guess you really cannot have too many lathe tools
4 years ago
log lathe
also selling all the turned logs perhaps a failed business venture
4 years ago